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Cricket Bat Selection Tool

Lead investigators David CurtisTim Vernon (CSES)

Funder Sheffield Hallam University - Knowledge Exchange (HEIF 4)

Amount £9,000

Dates March - December 2010


The challenge set by Gunn and Moore (GM) centred on a need to address changing market dynamics affecting willow stocks, and the loss of market share to online sales. GM were interested in Sheffield Hallam's experience of developing software tools for sports application, and knowledge around the dynamics of cricket bats and the biomechanics of batting. The aim of this project was to help create an advanced cricket bat selection tool that would draw existing and new customers to GM's website. This would vastly improve the online purchasing experience, and add value to the in-store purchase.


The project was led by the Centre for Sports Engineering Research, working with the GM Technical Manager, David Bacon. Initial work centred on defining all input parameters relevant to bat selection, and the desired form of output. The interrelating logic was created in a macro-enabled spreadsheet to simulate function and establish valid outputs. Several iterations were necessary before the preferred logic was reached. A web-based tool was then created on a dummy server. SHU and GM proof tested the logic with players and coaches to validate the output. Feedback from player trials led to minor adjustments. The finalised logic and code was then passed to the Unicorn web design company Profission, to create the tool on the GM website.

Result and Impact

The Gunn and Moore Bat Selector went live in January 2011, and has attracted great interest as an innovative tool to aid cricket bat purchasing.


This was a fruitful collaboration that provided great interest and enthusiasm on both sides. The project has helped to establish a new relationship with GM that connects Sheffield Hallam University and Sports Engineering to a world leader in its field.

David Curtis, Special Projects Manager, CSER

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