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Arty Sporty Sciency Art

Lead investigators John Hart, Julie Westerman (ADRC)

Funder Engineering for life research network

Dates 2010 - 11


This project explored how mixing the languages of science and art can encourage greater public engagement in both, generating fresh insight into their respective worlds through sport.

For their first exhibit, 'Fly Birdies Fly', a series of short video and animation, the Arty Sciency Sporty Art (ASSA) initiative have chosen to look badminton. This links with a current research project within the Centre for Sports Engineering Research investigating the design of the badminton shuttle, examining what makes a shuttle behave so uniquely in the air compared to projectiles used in other racket sports.

The ASSA has taken and built upon the substantial quantity of information into shuttle flight being generated by CSER, presenting it in an accessible, captivating, and fresh way. They strip the shuttle back to its origins - the source of the feathers. This takes the story of the flight of the shuttle from the flight of the goose to the dynamics of the feather to the final flick smash and drop of the birdie. 'Fly Birdies Fly' was showcased at the Sheffield Institute of Arts gallery in January 2011, and the Badminton World Championships 2011 Wembley Arena, London.

Watch the video here.

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