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Biomechanics lab

The Centre for Sport and Exercise Science has access to one of the UK’s largest and best-equipped biomechanics laboratories, featuring: 

  • a Motion Analysis Corporation 12 camera Eagle motion capture system, with Visual 3D software for post-processing analysis
  • a range of solutions for 2D and 3D kinematic analysis using DV cameras
  • four Kistler floor-mounted force platforms, a portable Kistler force platform, a Kistler Quattro Jump platform, and an H-P-Cosmos/Kistler Gaitway II force measuring treadmill
  • a RSScan 0.5 m pressure plate with gait and balance analysis software
  • a Delsys 8 channel EMG system with 2 axis electrogoniometer attachment, and MIE 8 channel wireless EMG system
  • a Lake Imaging Motion Scope M1 high speed video camera capable of filming at up to 1000 fps
  • 1,500 Lux lighting and complete black-out facilities
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