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Gair Andy Course Leader Sport Coaching / Lecturer in Sport Coaching and Sport Development
Gan Bee Principal Lecturer and Departmental International Business Development Lead
Gao Dr Jie Researcher in Psychology
Garcia Carol Senior Lecturer in Physiotherapy
Gardiner Dr Katherine
Gardiner Dr Philip Senior Lecturer in Analytical Chemistry
Garner Dr Iain Head of the Department of Education, Childhood and Inclusion
Garrow Nigel Head Of Department - Finance, Accounting And Business Systems
Gaudoin Dr. Jotham Senior Lecturer
Gent Susannah Senior Lecturer, Film and Media Production
Gibbeson Dr. Carolyn Senior Lecturer in Real Estate
Gibbons Dr Alison Reader in Contemporary Stylistics
Gibson Dr Helen Researcher
Giglitto Dr Danilo Postdoctoral researcher
Gilbertson Jan Senior Research Fellow
Gill Dr Jameson Senior Lecturer in Marketing
Gilligan Dr Christine Senior Lecturer Department of Management, PhD academic tutor and MRes Business Course Leader
Gillin Julie Senior Lecturer in Journalism
Gillott Alexander
Giove Dr Samantha Associate Dean, Teaching and Learning, College of Business, Technology and Engineering and Sheffield Business School
Giusti Dr Giulio Senior Lecturer in Italian | ERASMUS+ Academic Support Tutor (ITALY) | SBS Language Centre Coordinator
Glaves Angela Lecturer in Mental Health Nursing
Glentworth Alison Senior Lecturer in Early Years and Primary Education
Glossop Louise Senior Administrator
Glover Ian Senior Lecturer
Godson Mark Principal Lecturer
Goel Dr Mukesh Senior Lecturer
Goepel Dr Janet Senior Lecturer in Early Years and Primary Education
Goldsmith Simon Research Fellow
Goodier Anthony Principal Lecturer and Head of Area, Built Environment
Goodwill Dr. Simon Principal Research Fellow and Head of Sports Engineering
Goodwin Dr Sarah Senior Lecturer in Law and Criminology
Gore Dr Tony Research Fellow
Gornall Lesley Senior Lecturer
Gorst Dr Jonathan Deputy Head, Department of Management
Goulding Dr Philip Academic Co-Lead: Student Experience For Dssm
Grace Mr Jamie Senior Lecturer in Law
Grafton Dr Kate Deputy Head Of Department
Graham Dr David Principal Lecturer
Grainger Dr Karen Principal Lecturer in English Language and Linguistics
Grant John Senior Lecturer in Sustainable Construction and Climate Change
Grant Michael Senior Lecturer in Social Work
Grantham Helen Projects Researcher
Gratton Alison Assistant Administrator and Wellness Assistant
Gray Francis Senior Lecturer
Greaves Paul Lecturer of Sport
Green David Senior Lecturer / Professional Development Facilitator
Green Emma
Green Dr Geff Deputy Head of Department - Media Arts and Communication
Green Dr Stephen Research Fellow
Greenfield Dr David Senior Research Associate
Gregory Maxine Senior Research Fellow
Griffith Peter Senior Lecturer in Law
Griffith Vanessa Senior Lecturer
Griffiths Dr Kerry Research Fellow
Griffiths Teri-Lisa Senior Lecturer
Grimes Anthony
Grint Ken Lecturer in Creative Media
Grinvalds Natalie Workplace Wellness Practitioner
Grover Peter Head of Quality and Enhancement: College of Business, Technology and Engineering
Guevara Dr Leonardo Senior Lecturer In Food Studies
Guilford Martine Senior Lecturer In Occupational Therapy
Guizar Moran Blanca Associate Lecturer
Gumber Dr Anil Reader
Gunatilake Dr Gayathri Senior Lecturer
Gunning Michael Researcher
Gupta Dr Gaurav Researcher of Manufacturing Immortality
Gurman Jane Senior Lecturer
Gurney Dr Anita Head of Research Services
Gwilt Dr Alison Reader in Fashion and Sustainability
Gyekye Seth Senior Lecturer

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