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Elite Sport

Since the setting up of UK Sport in 1997 and the investment in elite sport via the National Lottery, we've been at the forefront of research into elite sport policy and performance.

We have supported UK Sport’s monitoring of athlete satisfaction by conducting surveys of funded athletes in 2005 and 2009, while our head of centre, Professor Simon Shibli is a founding member of the SPLISS consortium, researching the policy factors leading to success in elite sport. Simon’s Olympic medal predictions have received international recognition for their accuracy, and his research has attracted significant media coverage at home and abroad.

Our elite sport work is easily adaptable to non-Olympic contexts. We have a long track record of conducting performance reviews of nations taking part in the Commonwealth Games as well as reviews of single sport events at national, continental and world levels.

Currently we're collaborating with Dutch firm Infostrada Sports. We're expert users of their Podium Performance database, allowing us to extract maximum value from sporting performance data.

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