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Performance management

Our ability to support your performance management processes stems from our combination of hard and soft skills.

Hard skills

By hard skills we mean the practical application of recognised management techniques such as strategic plans, logic models and benchmarking by which to understand what a project is designed to deliver. From this understanding it then becomes possible to articulate what success looks like and to derive the key performance indicators that are required to demonstrate success.

Our strength in this area is that we're able to take the emotion out of situations and enable processes to be objective, so that regardless of project performance there are important learning outcomes.

Soft skills

We also have a strong 'feel' for data and the ability to assess intuitively whether data seem reasonable. These soft skills are based upon our wider knowledge of the sport sector and years of experience of monitoring projects. We are also trusted for being fair and objective in our approach.

IT expertise

We have highly developed IT skills, notably around Excel and Access, which enable us to make sense of high volumes of data. For the Sport Unlimited programme we collated and validated returns from all 49 county sports partnerships – some 90,000 records.

Our technology means we can invest most of your resources in analysing data rather than collecting it, as we can automate these lower level processes.

For the National Benchmarking Service we process each year over 30,000 facility user survey questionnaires from about 150 sports centres and swimming pools.

Mixed methods

Where possible we like to adopt a mixed methods approach to data validation. So in addition to receiving attendance and adherence records, we would also conduct a sample of observational visits to see practice on the ground and confirm that the records being kept are an accurate reflection of practice.

We feel that we have a lot to contribute to the future of project monitoring using online methods that enable aggregation and meaningful comparisons.

SIRC have been selected in Sport England's Research and Evaluation Framework Agreement as qualified to bid for work in mixed methods research.

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