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Programme Evaluation

We recognise the importance of demonstrating the performance of your projects, and that your capability for monitoring might be limited. We typically advise projects on the collection of monitoring data and invariably include monitoring data analysis in our evaluation reporting.

And with our knowledge of strategic planning tools such as Active People, Active Places and market segmentation, we can show you how the performance of your interventions can be improved by using the tools available to you.

By understanding the mechanisms by which an intervention is designed to work, we can construct logic models to articulate how a project is planned to work. The outline of a six stage SIRC logic model is presented below.

  1. Context
  2. Resources applied
  3. Activities undertaken
  4. Logic underpinning the intervention – how it works
  5. Outputs – for example, number of new swimmers
  6. Outcomes where relevant such as long term health benefits

Invariably we find that people delivering projects find logic models a very helpful approach by which to frame their interventions and to help bring clarity to the key question – what does success look like?

Programme evaluation is a prime example of how we aim to conduct research which impacts on decision making and the health and well-being of programmes' participants.

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