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Volunteers tend to be involved in sport in a variety of ways, which often overlap. For example, we know from our research that coaches do more than coach – they are often administrators, officials and indeed participants. For volunteer coaches, the ability to balance these positions with other, non-sporting roles is key to their continued involvement.

So volunteers may have a number of sometimes contrasting perspectives, depending on their role at any point in time. Their views are crucial in establishing what works and why, when it comes to programme delivery. We can tap into this extensive knowledge of our network of contacts for the benefit of our clients.

We have a wide variety of research tools at our disposal, which are particularly well suited to research with volunteers.

For large-scale surveys we have an online survey application capable of collecting detailed data from large numbers of respondents. We also have a full suite of mainly qualitative tools known as the Innovation Lab, which can be tailored to suit research projects.

Our guiding principle is the importance of keeping demands on volunteers' time to a minimum.

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