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Partner Resources

We work with a number of key partner organisations to ensure a comprehensive offer for schools, colleges, students, teachers and advisers, across the region and beyond

  • HeppHUB


    The Higher Education Progression Partnership (Hepp) works across the Sheffield City Region to encourage more children, young people and adults to consider higher education opportunities.

    HeppHUB provides higher education support and signposting for teachers, advisers and other stakeholders. 

    For more information and access to resources, visit the HeppHUB website.

  • HeppSY

    Heppsy logo

    Schools and colleges have had to make many changes recently. HeppSY have created "Here to Help", a suite of resources which can help support students, families and staff and are free to use.

    These resources can be used with all Year 9, 10, 11, 12 and 13 students and have been made relevant to each year group. You can access them here.

  • South Yorkshire Futures

    South Yorkshire Futures Logo 

    This is a time of huge anxiety and an unprecedented situation we all find ourselves in. Changes to everyday life are impacting on us as adults and on our children, who take their lead from us as parents, carers or guardians.

    It is difficult for us all to manage our emotions currently. As a result, children may become clingy, tearful and easily distressed, others might become more challenging, demanding or display tantrums. Fear can show itself in many ways and these are normal and understandable responses when we are faced with an unknown situation and one that has affected our lives as significantly as this.

    We recognise the many pressures that are facing you as parents, carers and guardians right now. One of the most important things we can do to support our children at this uncertain and ever-changing time is contain their emotions by being steady for them.

    South Yorkshire Futures has created a range resources and support that can help you through this challenging time. You can access them here.

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