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Scan of Steel

Professor Marcos Rodrigues of Sheffield Hallam University has recently completed the 3D scanning for the Man of Steel sculpture

Staff profiles

Marcos Rodrigues

I teach MSc students on the subjects of Artificial Intelligence, Network Applications, and Operating Systems


GMPR Man of Steel

3D scanning of the Man of Steel sculpture, a metallic work of art created by local artist Steve Mehdi.


GMPR 3D Scanning Technologies

The GMPR research group is focused on 3D image acquisition and understanding, whose research is spread in the areas of calibration, image registration, and image reconstruction.


GMPR ADMOS - Advertising Monitoring for Outdoor Media Analytics

This research project is developing a compact monitoring device that can be installed on public media interfaces.



With welding by robots on the up the challenge is to develop flexible automation systems that can be set up quickly and can be transferred to another product line while maintaining quality and profitability.


Fictional human and real robot: sharing spaces with robots

In a future where intelligent androids are fully integrated with everyday life, how do we distinguish ourselves as human? Answers to this and other robotics, AI and VR-related questions can be found at the 'Fictional human and real robot: sharing spaces with robots' event


GMPR Rapid 3D Digitization of Museums Sheffield Metalwork Collection

The project digitized and developed interactive 3D content for the Designated Metalwork collection managed by Museums Sheffield (MS) with particular relevance to those working in the STEM fields


GMPR - Geometric Modelling and Pattern Recognition Research Group

The Geometric Modelling and Pattern Recognition (GMPR) Research Group is part of the CCRC-Communication and Computing Research Centre, and pursues original and exciting research in geometric modelling and pattern recognition.


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