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Jonathan Bridle

Jonathan teaches a range of modules at undergraduate level including Introduction to Screenwriting, Creative Careers and Screenwriting Project

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Dr Hugh Escott

Hugh joined the Department of Humanities as a lecturer in English Language in 2016. His research focuses on how language and literacy are understood in everyday contexts, and how individuals negotiate or subvert institutional conceptualisations of language and literacy.

Humanities research

The Humanities Research Centre brings together the work of English, Stage and Screen and History and is based at City Campus. The research centre supports the research funding, strategy and development of the three humanities areas


Fictional human and real robot: sharing spaces with robots

In a future where intelligent androids are fully integrated with everyday life, how do we distinguish ourselves as human? Answers to this and other robotics, AI and VR-related questions can be found at the 'Fictional human and real robot: sharing spaces with robots' event

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Jessica Mason

Profile of Jessica Mason, Senior Lecturer at Sheffield Hallam University

What we do

The Humanities Research Centre supports the funding, strategy, and development of research in English, History, and Film at Sheffield Hallam

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Ana Maria Sanchez-Arce

Ana develops, leads and teaches on Literature and Creative Writing modules at undergraduate and postgraduate level and conducts research on 20th and 21st century literature


Research Degree - Working through Fragments: Fictionalising the Archive

Archives have an index and usually collections have an inventory. These unambiguous taxonomical devices are grounded in the idea that what they present is fact. Just as the dictionary and encyclopedia are structures to which we refer in order to be informed, so are the index and the archive.


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