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Frequently asked questions

  • Which type of accommodation is right for you?

    We have two types of accommodation for you to choose from.

    University halls are great if you want to make friends and live in the heart of student life. You’re never more than a half hour walk away from campus, you can choose from over 30 halls in all sizes and prices and will always know what you’re spending – rent includes bills, insurance and wifi, which is helpful for budgeting! This option is most popular with first year students, although you can return to our halls of residence in your second, third or fourth years. In those cases, you can apply to live in the hall where you are currently residing in or move elsewhere. We also have flats suitable for postgraduate and mature students in all halls.

    Private sector housing is great if you want to find your own place to stay in Sheffield, or if you’re looking for something away from the halls environment. Always use our Snug scheme to make sure you find a safe place that’s of a good standard.

  • Can you recommend which accommodation is best for me?

    There are so many halls to choose from and everyone's requirements are different. We have a wide range of residences to suit all needs and budgets. Think carefully about which suits your own requirements and especially budget before you apply. Each residence on our website has a description, key to facilities, a video and clear pricing to help you make that decision.

  • Am I guaranteed accommodation?

    Yes. We offer first year undergraduate students accommodation in one of our halls of residence, or offer help in finding suitable private sector accommodation if that's what you prefer. Occasionally high demand means we can’t offer you one of your preferences. If that’s the case we’ll offer you a suitable alternative. For further information and deadline dates read our allocation criteria.

  • I have received information from UCAS about accommodation in Sheffield. What should I do?

    Always apply for accommodation through this website to make sure you're sharing with other first-year undergraduate Sheffield Hallam University students.

  • When should I apply for accommodation?

    As soon as you’ve received a conditional or unconditional offer, even if we’re your insurance choice.  Don’t wait until after you have received your exam results.

  • When will I hear from you about my accommodation application?

    You won’t receive anything from us until we have confirmation of your results. Please ensure that you submit your application for accommodation as soon as possible because the date you apply is taken into consideration when allocating you a room.

  • If I change my offer status from 'insurance' to 'first choice', what do I need to do?

    We’re automatically informed when you change your offer status.

  • Can I look at private sector properties if that's my first choice?

    Yes, but make sure you've accepted an unconditional offer first and don't view properties alone. Don't sign a contract without viewing the property and make sure you understand the contract. We can help you find private sector accommodation with snug standards.

  • Is it possible to view my halls of residence before accepting my offer?

    Yes. All the information you need for viewing your allocated residence will be included in your online room offer.

    If you'd like to view some of our halls of residence, visit our open days – where you'll get a taste of what life is like living in university accommodation. If you can't make one of our open days, contact us and we'll put you in touch with the accommodation manager or landlord of the property you'd like to visit to arrange a convenient time to view the property.

  • I'm a care leaver. Are you able to offer any accommodation support for me?

    We’re committed to supporting our students who have been in care at any time. You may require accommodation throughout the whole calendar year. We can assist you in finding a suitable place to live, so please contact us to discuss your specific needs.

  • I have specific accommodation needs. How can you help?

    We have some specifically adapted accommodation. You should apply for this as early as possible and you must make your requirements clear when you apply online for accommodation. If you require single sex accommodation, make your reasons clear when you apply.

  • Will living in halls be like living at home?

    Student residences have a more communal way of living. It’s great fun, but you need a degree of tolerance and adjustment to live in a community of individuals with varying cultural outlooks, social lives and backgrounds.

  • How far is it to walk from each residence to either City or Collegiate campus?

    You can walk at a steady pace from City to Collegiate Campus in around 20 to 25 minutes. The majority of our allocated halls are suitable and accessible for students studying at both campuses. Sheffield has a reliable bus and tram service to help you travel around the city.

  • What happens if I want to move out of my accommodation before the end of the academic year?

    You’re committed to pay for your accommodation for the whole of the academic year, and all contracts are legally binding. However, in exceptional circumstances you may be able to terminate your contract by finding a suitable full-time student to take your place. Full details will be provided in your contract. You may have to pay an administration fee of at least £50.

  • Is there a limit on the time I can live in University halls?

    No, you can apply to live back in our allocated residences throughout your time as a full-time student at Sheffield Hallam. Many of our students return to live in halls in their second, third and fourth years.

  • What will be in my bedroom?

    All University halls are furnished with standard bedroom furniture unless otherwise stated. This includes a bed, wardrobe, a desk or workstation and a chair. Some bedrooms have a wash basin. Not all rooms have an en suite – these facilities do cost extra.

  • Do you supply bedding, utensils and crockery?

    No but you can buy very reasonably priced bedding, kitchen utensils and crockery in Sheffield if you don't want to bring these with you.

  • What is the smoking policy?

    All halls enforce a strict non-smoking policy, in line with the University's non-smoking policy.

  • Glossary of useful terms

    If you're unfamiliar with some of our terminology, please see our glossary which explains the accommodation terms in more detail.

  • First semester study students

    We're unable to offer accommodation in our owned, managed or partnership residences halls of residence if you're only undertaking first semester study. But we can give you help and advice in seeking private sector accommodation.

    When you apply online for accommodation, choose 'private sector housing' as your first and second choice and indicate clearly in the notes section that you're a first semester student.

    You'll then be sent information on how to book onto our househunting week.

  • International students

    Do you offer an airport pick up service?

    The international student support team runs an airport pick-up service from Manchester Airport as part of their meet-and-greet service during September and January of each academic year. Airport pick-up dates and schedules will be updated and posted on the international student support website.

    If you haven't applied for University accommodation and have nowhere to live

    We strongly encourage you to apply online for accommodation in advance of your arrival. Students who don’t apply online are advised to book themselves into a local hotel for their first night's accommodation and then visit the accommodation services office where staff will be able to offer advice and assist students to find suitable accommodation.

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