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How to pay

  • If you have applied for a loan from the Student Loans Company

    Most UK and EU undergraduate and PGCE students fall into this category.

    Undergraduate and PGCE students

    If we do not receive confirmation that your tuition fee loan application has been approved before we issue invoices, or the Student Loans Company subsequently notify us that your entitlement has been reduced or removed, we will invoice you personally for your tuition fees as a self-financing student.

    Late applications can still be made during the academic year. See gov.uk/student-finance for the deadlines. If we receive late notification of payment from the Student Loans Company, we will refund any tuition fee money that you have paid for the relevant academic year.

    Postgraduate students

    This year postgraduate students on eligible courses may have access to student loans of up to £10,000. These loans are paid direct to you and can be used at your discretion to pay for fees, living or other costs so the University will class you as a self-financing student so your tuition fees will have to be paid on the due dates as stated on your invoice.

    If you are due to start a course which is eligible to receive funding from the Student Loans Company, and you are applying to your award authority (eg Student Finance England) for a loan to cover your tuition fees, your application should be submitted in time for it to be fully approved prior to enrolment. You need to do this every academic year. We will then receive a notification of fees due to be paid by the Student Loans Company and will offset this against any fees due to be paid by you. In most cases, this means that you will not be invoiced for any fees.

  • If you are a self-financing student

    If you are a self-financing student we will issue you with an invoice. This will state the amounts that are due and the dates that payment is required.

    The instalment plan that will be offered to you depends on

    • whether you are studying full time or part time
    • whether you are classified as a UK/EU or international student for fees assessment purposes
    • the amount of fee to be charged

    If your invoice is late, for whatever reason, your instalment due dates will not be extended. You may therefore find that more than one instalment is due on a particular date.

    Please note that self-financing students for September and January start dates can pay in instalments.

    Payment dates

    Sheffield Hallam University Invoice

    Bank HSBC Bank plc
    Bank address Carmel House, Sheffield
    Account name Sheffield Hallam University General Account
    Account number 91274163
    IBAN number GB40HBUK40410791274163
    Branch identifier code HBUKGB4109B
  • If your fees are being paid by a sponsor or employer

    If you have arranged for your tuition fee to be paid fully or partly by your sponsor, it is important that you provide us with proof of your sponsorship for each academic year. This can be either a purchase order or a letter confirming your sponsorship on your sponsor's official letterhead and must include your name, course and year, the amount of contribution towards your fees and identify the name and address to which the fees invoice should be sent. We will then invoice your sponsor directly. If this information is not received by the Finance Directorate within two weeks of your enrolment, we will invoice you personally for your fees.

    Send this information to the Finance Directorate, Sales Ledger, Sheffield Hallam University, City Campus, Howard Street, Sheffield, S1 1WB or via email to invoicing@shu.ac.uk

    The invoice will be due for payment 30 days after the date on the invoice. Please be aware that, should your sponsor fail to make payment for any reason, you will remain personally liable for the full amount of your tuition fees and will be invoiced accordingly.

    Please note that the majority of apprenticeship courses that the University offers are funded partly by the government (through the Skills Funding Agency) and partly by your employer. If you are studying with us as an apprentice your fee sponsorship arrangements will be set out in the employer sponsor letter, which will be provided to you in due course.

    Sheffield Hallam University Enterprises Ltd Invoice (use this account if you are paying on behalf of a student)

    Bank HSBC Bank plc
    Bank address Carmel House, Sheffield
    Account name Sheffield Hallam University General Account
    Account number 91274163
    IBAN number GB40HBUK40410791274163
    Branch identifier code HBUKGB4109B

  • International students

    If you are an international full-time taught student, you are required to pay a deposit to secure your place on your course.

    • students domiciled in South Asia are required to pay a deposit of £3000. This applies to both undergraduate and postgraduate students from India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka
    • all other international students are required to pay a deposit of £1000

    You will be entitled to a refund of your deposit if you are refused a visa, and may receive a refund in other exceptional circumstances.

    You must also pay 50% of your tuition fee (less any deposit) before your enrolment for each year of study.

  • What happens if my fees are not paid?

    Being up-to-date with payments and clear of debts to the University is a necessary part of your enrolment.

    If payment is not received by the date stipulated you will become a debtor and recovery action will be initiated. You may lose access to IT facilities, and if we still receive no payment we will withdraw you from your course of study and may instigate formal external recovery action.

    Once you are withdrawn from your course of study you will no longer be a student at the University and you will have to re-apply if you wish to undertake any further study with us. Your debt will remain payable even after you have been withdrawn.

    If you are an international student who is sponsored for visa purposes by the University, we will cease your sponsorship and you will be reported to UK Visas and Immigration as withdrawn from the University. For all other students, we may inform the relevant funding body that you have been withdrawn from your course of study.

    If you are in debt to the University for tuition fees and have not been withdrawn, you will not be allowed to enrol for the next academic year until the debts are paid. You may also not be allowed to enrol on a new course.

    If you are in your final year of your course, you will not be awarded your certificate, issued with a letter of confirmation of award, or be allowed to attend your graduation ceremony until you have paid all your tuition fee debts. Please refer to the Assessment of Students in Debt Policy for further guidance and details.

Pay a tuition fee invoice by debit/credit card online at epay.shu.ac.uk or by phoning 0114 2255668. You may also visit our city campus cashiers office to pay by card or cash in person.

Other payments that have been requested, such as accommodation, bonds, insurance, library or print account payments can be made by phoning or visiting the office as detailed in the correspondence received.

Campus Opening time
Campus, 2nd Floor Surrey Building
Mon-Thurs 9:00-12:30, Friday Closed

Telephone banking or bank transfer if you have this service with your bank. Please quote your invoice number or the reference we have asked you to quote and see below for the Sheffield Hallam University bank account details.


Please remember to quote the invoice number or the reference number/s we have given you or there may be a delay in allocating your payment successfully.

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