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What has changed to maintenance loans and grants?

Changes to student maintenance grants and loans for 2018

If you start university in September 2018, you may be affected by government changes to the financial support available through maintenance grants and loans.

What has changed?

The previous maintenance grants have been replaced with maintenance loans, and the amount of support you can receive to help with living costs will increase to £8,700 a year (outside London) or £7,324 if you are living at home.

Like tuition fee loans, you will only pay back the loans when you are earning over £25,000 a year. If you haven't paid back the full amount after 30 years, the rest will be written off and you won’t have to pay it.

Martin Lewis from Money Saving Expert explains, 'The only people who actually pay more are very high earners, because only they would have repaid their loan in full within 30 years. On my calculations, that’s those on starting salaries of way over £30,000, which rise above inflation after.'

Read more of Martin's thoughts on the new loan system.

If you started your course before September 2016 your support will be unchanged, and you will continue under the old maintenance grant system for the duration of your course.

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