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How to apply for a Higher and Degree apprenticeship

If you’re committed to a particular career and you're eager to enter the world of work, these courses are for you.

They attract a high calibre of candidate, because our partner employers are looking for people with the potential to be the managers of the future.

If you’re not sure whether an apprenticeship is right for you, you can continue to apply for university courses via UCAS while you explore alternative career and higher education options provided through the higher and degree apprenticeship programme. It’s free to register your interest on the programme and once you have set up your account, you can apply for your dream job and manage your applications online.

Application routes:

  • Becoming an apprentice

    If you are interested in becoming an apprentice you should apply for a job with an employer who is offering a higher or degree apprenticeship opportunity. We can help you prepare for this. We also help employers to recruit, so let us know if you want us to help you make a connection.

    If you already have a job you can talk to your employer about the possibilities and if they aren’t aware you can let them know what is available. We can help and will be happy to come and meet you and your employer. We can advise on eligibility for funding.

  • Applying directly

    You must be employed in order to do a higher or degree apprenticeship. If you are not yet employed for at least 30 hours per week it is crucial that you apply directly to an employer who is offering a higher or degree apprenticeship as part of their training programme. Some of our employer partners include Nestlé for the Chartered Manager Degree Apprenticeship and JCB for the Advanced Manufacturing Engineering Higher Apprenticeship. We can help you to find opportunities, through a matching service and recruitment events, so please get in touch.

  • Applying through UCAS

    If you can’t decide which route is best for you at this stage, you can apply for both higher and degree apprenticeship job roles and full-time university courses at the same time to keep your options open until you decide. Remember that you will need an offer of employment, or need to be in employment already, to apply for a higher or degree apprenticeship. You must also make sure you have commitment from your employer to support you through the apprenticeship. There is more information about the employers we are currently working with on our website to help you. If you are already in work, speak to your employer to find out whether they will support you to do a higher or degree apprenticeship. You and your employer can get in touch to review the options by emailing apprenticeships@shu.ac.uk

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