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So you’ve got your offers – what next?

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  3. How to make a firm choice

So you’ve got your offers – what next?

The next step is to decide which is going to be your firm choice, and which is going to be insurance. Here are some tips on how best to weigh up your options.

Tip #1: Visit

Visiting the uni and attending open days are great ways to get a feel of a course, uni or city. There’ll be opportunities to ask questions of students or lecturers, see the facilities and explore you surroundings.

Tip #2: Do your research

Start by visiting the university websites. You’ll be able to compare courses, and find out where you’ll be living.

Tip #3: Speak to other students

Talk to friends or relatives who have already been to university, or check out forums like the Student Room and ask questions to current students.

Tip #4: Think about the location

Lastly, think about where you want to be, and what characteristics you like in a city.

Make a firm choice

Once you’ve chosen your favourite uni, log into The UCAS Hub and make your choices.

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