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The fee for an individual course is usually given with its entry in the online prospectus. We give this information wherever possible. The fees quoted in this prospectus are correct at publication but they may change. Please check fees with us before applying for a place.

We normally increase course fees each year in line with inflation.

If you need more information about course fees please use the contact details given in that course entry.

If you are being sponsored by your employer, we will need a letter from them to confirm this. We will then invoice them directly, and they must pay the full fee when they receive our invoice.

Methods of payment

If you are paying your own fees and your annual tuition fee is more than £200, you can pay by instalments. If your fees are £200 or under, you must pay the full amount when you receive the invoice.

Full details of how you can pay are available from our finance department. We accept most methods of payment, for example cheques, cash, debit/credit cards and direct debits.

Being up-to-date with payments and clear of debts to the University is a necessary part of your enrolment. Our finance department can help you with information and advice on paying your fees. You can contact them by phone on 0114 225 3902/3913.

Other sources of financial support

Student Financial Support can give you advice and information on loans. They also manage the Access to Learning Fund scheme.

You can talk to staff in the Student Financial Support by calling 0114 225 2184, fax 0114 225 4305. Or visit the Student Financial Support for the latest information on all our schemes.

More information

Fees for individual courses

See individual course entries

How you can pay fees

Contact our Finance Department on 0114 225 3902/3913

Loans, Access to Learning Funds and bursaries

Contact Student Financial Support on 0114 225 2184 or email

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