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Great teachers transform lives. They’re at the heart of our communities — nurturing future leaders and helping the disadvantaged find their feet. That’s why South Yorkshire's training providers have come together as Get Into Teaching. By offering a range of courses to fit around your lifestyle, budget and needs, we're here to help you kickstart your new career with confidence. 

Plan your route

Whether you want to qualify at a school, top up your degree or start from scratch, we have a course for you. 

Undergraduate route  • Uni-led route  • School-led route

Choose your age phase

Not sure what kind of teacher you want to be, or what type of students you want to teach? Get inspired by our student stories below.

Early Years • Primary • Secondary • Post-16 (FE) • Placement Opportunities

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Select a training provider

Sheffield Hallam Logo

Sheffield Hallam

Postgraduate | Undergraduate (Includes School Direct): Early years | Primary | Secondary | Post 16 (FE)

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The University of Sheffield

University of Sheffield

Postgraduate (Includes School Direct): Secondary

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SCITT logo

The Sheffield SCITT

Postgraduate (Includes School Direct): Early years | Primary

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ITT Logo

Doncaster ITT Partnership

Postgraduate (Includes School Direct): Early years | Primary

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National Modern Languages Logo

The National Modern Languages SCITT

Postgraduate: Secondary (11-16)

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Teach First

Teach First

Postgraduate: Early years | Primary | Secondary 

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Routes into teaching

Discover the three routes into teaching and start your application below.

1) Undergraduate route

No degree, no problem. Go straight into teaching with a 3-year, full-time course. If you already have undergraduate credits, you can apply for part-time, two-year courses at early years and primary levels.

These courses provide both uni-based study time and school placement experiences. So by the time you graduate, you’ll have the knowledge and the skills to take control of any class. 

Choose your course and apply for your teaching degree at UCAS.

2) University-led route

If you already have a degree, you can train to become a teacher in just one year. These courses embed the fundamentals of teaching while giving you significant experience in a school, college or early years setting.

By choosing the uni-led route, you can qualify to teach in early years, primary, secondary or post-16 levels.

Apply for your course at UCAS Teacher Training.

3) School-led PGCE

This route lets you qualify as a teacher while training at a school. There are several options to choose from: 

School Direct - Here you can earn a salary while you train, and you may also find employment with the school once you qualify. You can apply for School Direct through UCAS Teacher Training

School Centred Initial Teacher Training (SCITT) - Open to postgraduates, these courses are run by schools — often in close partnerships with universities. Gain a PGCE while working towards Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) in just one year. Apply at UCAS Teacher Training

Teach First Leadership Development programme - For those with a 2.1 degree or above who want to earn a salary while working towards a postgraduate diploma with QTS. This route provides intensive training in challenging schools for a minimum two-year placement. Apply with Teach First.

Stories from the classroom

Early Years

"Early years is such fun. Helping them to develop right from the beginning and giving them that foundation for learning is just great."

Michelle - Pre-school Manager


"Those light bulb moments that happen on a daily basis make the job so worthwhile. It's just the best career and the best choice I ever made."

Tom, Primary School Teacher


"I teach my children in the UK that the world is a bigger place and that every single one of them has the ability to change it."

Hassan, Science teacher

Post 16 (FE)

"You can stand at the front and teach them everything, but the most rewarding part is how they respond to the way you're doing it."

Jay, Post-16 (FE) student

Placement opportunities

"Once you get into the swing of things it's fantastic. You're planning everything and it becomes second nature to you."

Emily, previous student on placement

Why choose Get Into Teaching

Get Into Teaching South Yorkshire unites teacher training providers for the benefit of our region. Together, we'll give young people the education they need to excel. Ready to join us?

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