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Craig Sanderson

Craig Sanderson

Modified Cars: the perfect escape or complete illusion? A subcultural analysis on the Modified Car Culture in Britain


Discipline/professional area

Outline of research project

The modified car culture is under-represented in the sociological field not only in the UK but globally. The research that has been conducted does not have full insider status and needed to accommodate means of access to the culture. With this gap in the literature, my cultural position as a member of the group will help contribute to the field with an accurate study that takes advantage of the benefits of ethnographic insider research.

This method seeks to develop a detailed insight of the demographics, behaviours and logistics of the contemporary subculture and explore whether these are congruent with societal stereotypes. It will examine any discriminatory practices within the community whether they are direct or indirect and any impacts they have upon participants. It will also be seeking to establish whether there are any identifying characteristics between participants within various subsets and whether the agencies of policing target any of these groups specifically.

Research Interests

Subcultures, Deviance, Diversity, Identity, Sexuality, Stigmatisation, Discrimination, Mental Health, Policing

Key references

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Director of studies
Dr Bob Jeffery

Professor Julia Hirst
Ian Woolsey

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