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Edyta J Madej

Edyta J Madej

Comparative Study: Lived Experiences of Female Lawyers in the UK and Poland

Discipline/professional area

Outline of research project

I am currently researching the legal field looking at the barriers women lawyers experience during their career progression. In particular, I am looking at the impact of and to what extent mentoring and coaching programmes are available to women lawyers. I would hope that my completed research will then illustrate the barriers that women lawyers face and how the mentoring and coaching programmes could improve their position of progression to the highest levels.

Key references

McGlynn, C. (1998). 'The Woman Lawyer making the difference'. Oxford University Press

Kay, R. (2007). 'Gender, Equality and Difference During and After State Socialism'). Palgrave Macmillan

Ruspini, E. & Dale, A. (2002). 'The Gender Dimension of Social Change'. Policy Press

Director of studies
Dr James Marson

Dr Alan Reid
Dr Miroslav Baros

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