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Giovanna Battiston

Giovanna Battiston

How does a marketing team negotiate literacy protocols?


Discipline/professional area

Outline of research project

During my career as both a practising marketer and an educator of marketers, I have experienced a tension between the standards to which I believe marketers should write and the reality of their literacy practices. My interest lies in researching this further and understanding the issues and challenges that marketers face when they engage in writing activities at work.

My research is an ethnographic study into the writing culture of a team of practising marketers. It has an interpretive methodology and uses the theoretical lens of New Literacy Studies (NLS), a sub-discipline of sociolinguistics which examines the case for literacy as social practice. NLS embraces the concept of ‘multiple literacies’ which may vary according to time and space and are shaped by relations of power (Street 2012).

The research will contribute to the marketing community’s understanding of the literacy challenges that arise during the management and implementation of marketing activities.

Key references

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Director of studies
Professor Guy Merchant

Professor Cathy Burnett

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