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Julia Leatherland

Autism and Pedagogy: Effecting Positive Change in Teacher Practices and Pupil Outcomes


Discipline/professional area 

Outline of research project

Considered particularly vulnerable within the pupil population identified with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND), many autistic pupils experience multiple barriers to their successful inclusion in mainstream education. A gap in teacher knowledge of autism’s core features, and of its unique implications for individual autistic learners, is thought to contribute to a range of negative outcomes related to their achievement and well-being.

In response, a system, designed to communicate pupil-generated information to their teachers, is being developed on the assumption that improved teacher knowledge of pupil need will have a positive impact on autism pedagogy and pupil outcomes. Realistic evaluation methods will be employed to explore mechanisms of change, and inform future system development, should expected outcomes be observed.

Key references

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Director of studies
Professor Nick Hodge

Dr Bronwen Maxwell
Dr Luke Beardon

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