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Nicola Pullan

Nicola Pullan

Women, consumption and politics: anti-slavery and women's suffrage campaigns in Yorkshire


Discipline/professional area

Outline of research project

My research will explore how un-enfranchised women were able to play a part in politics, and more specifically political protest, through the use of consumption and consumer tactics.  This will involve looking at how these tactics were developed and utilised by both anti-slavery campaigners, from the 1790s to the 1860s,  and women's suffrage campaigners from the 1860s until the early twentieth century.

This is a regional study with a specific focus on Yorkshire to allow an in-depth exploration of some of the activities of women involved in both campaigns, and will allow an opportunity to compare and make connections between the two.  The primary research will include traditional archival material and historic newspapers, alongside an exploration of objects made specifically as part of the campaigns, such as tea services and badges.

Director of studies
Professor Clare Midgley

Professor Alison Twells

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