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Samuel Dent

Samuel Dent

Care in Higher Education: The Experiences of Students Who Care For Children


Discipline/professional area

Outline of research project

My research looks at the conceptualisation of the institutional concept of ‘care’ in a university setting, seeking to do this through the elucidation of the experiences of students who care for children while studying. My research involves the conduct of an institutional ethnography within a higher education institution to explore the following principal research questions

  • How is ‘care’ conceptualised (if at all) by the institution and by students who ‘care’?
  • What are the experiences of students who care for children, during their studies within a Higher Education Institution?
  • More information about my research can be found in my article for the SAGE Research Methods Cases project

Key references

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Director of studies
Professor Jacqueline Stevenson

Dr Nicola Lightfoot

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