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Victor Guillen Solano

Victor Guillen Solano

Feedback practices in postgraduate courses and the academic discourse socialization of international students.


Discipline/professional area

Outline of research project

The study aims to explore the potential role that tutor feedback may play in helping students understand and engage with academic discourse and practice in a higher education context. The research draws on the concept of communities of practice (Wenger,1998), Academic Literacies (Lea and Stierer, 2000) and linguistic capital (Bourdieu, 1977) to argue that academic writing and feedback giving are social practices influenced by cultural, disciplinary and institutional contexts. 

By combining quantitative and qualitative methods to study the particular ways of thinking and using language within specific academic departments, the research attempts to go beyond an analysis of language and content in order to explore ‘epistemological issues’, ‘social processes’ and ‘social identities’ (Lea and Street, 2006, p369). Findings may shed light onto the ways in which students come to understand and engage with discourse and practice in their academic communities and how they can be better supported in this process.

Key references

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Director of studies
Dr Diana Ridley

Dr Carol Taylor

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