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North East CWD funding

North East Continuing Workforce Development (CWD) Funding

A number of Distance Learning modules are offered to staff from the Health Education North East regions.  At present, the following modules are eligible for funding:

Applications Process

  • Your trust may also have a CWD application process and procedure which you will need to follow
  • Complete the module LBR/SSPRD application form. This form is both an application for funding and an application to study a particular module
  • Return your authorised form at least six weeks before the start of the module/course to the address on the application form, or email it with confirmation from the signatories to
  • All applications must be authorised by the relevant person in your Trust.  Applications for the Mentor Preparation module will also need to be authorised by your Trust's Practice Placement Facilitator
  • For queries about your application, phone Direct Admissions on +44 (0)114 225 5123 or email

By submitting an application you agree to the following Health Education England terms & conditions:

I confirm that in applying for a module or masterclass funded by Health Education England (HEE) I understand and accept:

  • This course is not free and has been paid for by HEE.
  • I have shared with my line manager all required course dates and have their approval to attend.
  • I have duly completed all my organisation’s study leave processes, if not I may be liable for the cost of the course.
  • If I do not respond to an offer of a place on my chosen course/module within three week the offer will be retracted, I will lose the place and I will have to restart the process of applying for study leave.
  • I may be liable for the cost of the course (£350 per 10 credits or £100 per day’s masterclass) if I:

        - cancel my place within six weeks of the course start date;

        - fail to attend;

        - fail to complete;

        - fail to submit any required assignment within the agreed timescales.
  • If I fail the course more than once I will not be eligible to retake the course via HEE’s contract and will have to seek alternative funding. 
  • Personal data that I provide to the university and information around my academic achievements will be disclosed to HEE as education commissioner and my employer. This will be used to monitor course completions, success and withdrawal rates and to inform how courses are commissioned in the future. All data is treated as confidential and is held and transferred securely.

Your attention is drawn specifically to the following Health Education England (North East) CWD policies and procedures:

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