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Yorkshire and The Humber SSPRD funding

Please note that all funding for SSPRD AND non Medical Prescribing and Pharmacy Independent Prescribing has been fully allocated for 2019/20. Therefore no further funding applications are currently being accepted.

Yorkshire and the Humber SSPRD / Upskilling Funding Eligibility

A list of modules funded by Yorkshire and the Humber in 2019/20 can be found here.

For the Yorkshire and the Humber region all applications must be approved by the manager(s) within your organisation responsible for approving study. Within South Yorkshire the authorisation of the relevant SSPRD lead is also required. Please refer to this list of authorised SSPRD signatories - South Yorkshire SSPRD Leads

Health Education England have provided the following additional guidance:

SSPRD Funding can be accessed by all non-medical staff within Health Care Providers and will only be considered if the education follows the below criteria:

  • Funding is currently only available to employees of NHS organisations within South Yorkshire and Bassetlaw for 2019/20
  • Funding is to support organisational priorities which must be identified through a robust Training Needs analysis which identifies the service need, the course of study, the university and the name of the member of staff. 
  • The application must be completed by the individual and be supported by the line manager (8A or above) Sign off of funding will need to be by the  designated education lead in each organisation (SSPRD lead in Trusts) who will match the application received by the University to the information on the TNA, and authorise  and confirm  the university.  
  • As in previous years funding is not available for the following: Research and Dissertation (except for authorised ACP role holders), Doctorates, Leadership & Management, Research Masters and Public Health Masters.
  • SLIP, Advanced Practice, non-medical prescribing and nursing associates are all funded separately from Future Workforce Funding (further details to follow).  Allocation is on a first come first served basis on a notional headcount basis for organisations. 

Advanced Clinical Practice  - for Health Education England approved trainees commencing the course in September 2019 onwards further guidance on application processes will be given to employers whose funding applications to HEE have been successful.


Only non-credit bearing versions of Mentorship provision will be funded. We are awaiting confirmation of funding levels for Mentorship.


Dissertations will no longer be funded within the Yorkshire and the Humber region.

Applications Process

  • Your trust may also have a SSPRD application process and procedure which you will need to follow
  • For Modules: Complete the module LBR/SSPRD application form. This form is both an application for funding and an application to study a particular module
  • Return your authorised form at least six weeks before the start of the module/course to the address on the application form, or email it with confirmation from the signatories to
  • For queries about your application, phone Direct Admissions on +44 (0)114 225 5123 or email
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