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ICA Internships Information for Mentors

ICA Internships Information for Mentors

Being located within a research environment will enable each intern to increase his/her understanding of the academic research environment and the differing research roles within research teams and also the interface between academia and clinical practice. Each intern will have an identified research mentor who will guide the intern in the development and delivery of a project, and related experiential learning, during the internship timeframe. The Mentors employing organisation will be paid £1,000 per intern supervised as a part of the programme.

Developing close relationships with employing organisations is central to the ongoing success of the internship programme. To facilitate this process all research mentors must meet with the intern and their line manager at the beginning and end of the internship. If required a further meeting may be conducted part way through the Internship to help problem solve any challenges that arise. This will provide the opportunity for the line manager to identify clinical priorities and needs which could be addressed through the internship. It will also have the added benefit of increasing collaboration between organisations. These meetings may be face-to-face or via teleconference/Skype etc. 

The meeting will facilitate the intern to develop an individualised structured development plan that utilises the components of the internship programme and other learning opportunities.  This plan will feed into the action plan the Intern has to submit at the end of the Internship.

At the end of the internship the intern will produce an academic report not exceeding 3000 words based upon the project that they have engaged with. Mentors as a part of their project supervisory role will provide feedback on this academic report.

Employers and mentors will be invited to attend the final day if the internship programme when interns will present their work to the group. 

Criteria to be the research mentor: 

  • be actively involved in research, with a minimum of a Masters in Research qualification
  • have experience of mentoring, supporting and supervising research students and be able to act as a role model
  • commit to mentorship/supervision and line management throughout the internship

Responsibilities of the research mentor:

  • take on the responsibility for co-ordinating the research experience placement including facilitating access to the wider academic research community and meeting with the intern’s line manager
  • commit to meeting with the intern’s line manager at the start and end of the internship and meeting with the Intern at reasonable intervals during the Internship.
  • provide feedback (to be shared with the Intern and Sheffield Hallam University) of the final written report of no more than 3000 words.  A template feedback from is available here (DOCX, 136.7KB).
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