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RC (UK) Immediate Life Support (short course)

RC (UK) Immediate Life Support (short course)

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The Immediate Life Support course is accredited by the UK Resuscitation Council.

Who the course is aimed at 

  • Any healthcare professional with a duty to respond
  • Airline staff
  • Sports personnel
  • Police & custody staff
  • Fire brigade

Benefits of taking the course to the individual, the organisation and the patient

This course has been developed in order to standardise much of the in-hospital training undertaken already by Resuscitation Officers. Its aim is to train healthcare personnel in cardiopulmonary resuscitation, simple airway management and safe defibrillation (manual and/or AED), enabling them to manage patients in cardiac arrest until arrival of a cardiac arrest team and to participate as members of that team.

What you learn 


  • Causes and prevention of cardiorespiratory arrest
  • The ALS algorithm

Practical Stations

  • The ABCDE approach
  • Initial resuscitation and defibrillation
  • Airway (with optional LMA)
  • Optional targeted training
  • CASTeach

The Resuscitation Council (UK) Immediate Life Support Course provides you with the essential technical and non-technical skills in order to treat adults with cardio-respiratory arrest for the short time before the arrival of a Resuscitation Team or more experienced help. This course will also prepare you to help the Resuscitation Team.  


Assessment on the course is continuous in nature and copies of the assessment forms are forwarded to the student with their manual.  A non-assessed MCQ is provided pre-course to frame the students learning from their manual. 

Unique or interesting features 

The course is held in our Robert Winston Building clinical skills laboratories. 

Professional recognition

Successful completion of this course leads to accredited and internationally recognised qualification.

How to apply

If you are applying as a self-funder, or your employer is paying for your place, Please visit our online store to complete your booking.

Fees and Funding for 2022/23

Indicative price for stand-alone module

Home / EU student: £135

International students: N/A

How to apply

To apply for a self-funded place, please complete and return the application form below:

Further details

For further information please contact the module leader Tim Butterill - or contact the student experience team:

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