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Subject Knowledge Enhancement Courses

Our Subject Knowledge Enhancement (SKE) programmes are designed to help potential Initial Teacher Training (ITT) students gain the depth of knowledge required to teach their chosen subject.

The need for SKE is usually identified by a school or provider during the recruitment and selection process. This is usually when applicants may need more specific subject knowledge to begin an ITT course, perhaps if they have:

  • studied the subject to a highly advanced level, but over time have lost some of the basic skills needed to teach at secondary level
  • studied for a degree that’s related to the subject rather than an exact match for it
  • recently graduated and studied for a degree not related to the subject but have a related A level
  • changed career and may have an unrelated degree with substantial related knowledge including an A level
  • studied for a languages degree, but need a second language at an acceptable level for teaching in schools

This is still the case, however, the DfE has recently issued further guidance on this:

“SKE providers should not start any candidates on SKE courses from 1 October for the 2020 to 2021 recruitment cycle. We do not expect to confirm the SKE package available for candidates for ITT courses starting in 2021 until the end of the 2020 calendar year. Funding is dependent on the government’s Spending Review, which is currently underway. Funding for SKE and the subjects available may change. We will update this guidance once the Spending Review is concluded and the SKE package is confirmed. The information about SKE here is subject to change.”

You can find more information from the government here

With this in mind, please be aware that if an applicant is considered to require additional subject knowledge to commence the course, it will be their responsibility to do this and also demonstrate this before the commencement of the course. This may be through taking further study through a range of alternatives, for example, further A level, or Open University modules.

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