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'Postgraduate study has provided me a solid foundation'

Portrait of Angela Cooke

After sixth form, Angela knew she wanted to enter a medical field – she just didn’t know which. An undergraduate course in Medical Physiology gave her the opportunity to progress to postgraduate level, discover her interests and specialise.

'I studied the MSc Radiotherapy and Oncology in Practice course. It combines technical and care-related training, and allows you to use your skills to help others.

'In general, I've found studying at postgraduate level to be more difficult than it was at undergraduate, but equally it's incredibly fulfilling when you get to see the outcome of your hard work.

'Knowing you've had a role in a patient's cancer treatment is the most rewarding thing I have ever experienced.

'It's challenging, but my course has helped me become more disciplined. It has allowed me to train for a career that I didn't even know existed when applying to university at 18. It's definitely worthwhile.'

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