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Hassun is giving children hope where there is little to be found

Hassun El Zafar studies BSc Science with Education and QTS. He wanted to make a difference, so volunteered at the Calais migrant camp, helping provide the children there with access to education and a safe teaching environment.

'We need to do something to help them, because at the end of the day, they could have been us and we could have been them.

'You don’t have a school technician to call on to get what you need to do an experiment. You have to do it with what you have, pieces of trash sometimes.

'You need the ability to think outside the box. How am I going to engage someone in learning without an interactive whiteboard, without any kind of media?

'There’s that element of being really creative and thinking outside that box of what you do and how you do your science experiments. I think that’s what my course has really prepared me to do.'

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