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'I won Student Employee of the Year.'

Nabeela with her student employee of the year award

Law student Nabeela Mowlana works for the Element Society, where she works with young people to help provide them with opportunities to shape their local communities.

In 2017 she won Student Employee of the Year at the National Association of Student Employment Services awards.

How did you get involved with the Element Society?

I started out volunteering there, and now I work as the deputy coordinator. We work with young people who have experienced disadvantage or discrimination.

What skills did you gain from your job?

It made me very comfortable to speak to variety of young people from different backgrounds. I feel more confident in the work that I want to go into and it's made me feel more comfortable going for jobs that I might previously have thought I’m not qualified for.

How did it feel to win the national award for Student Employee of the Year?

I genuinely wasn’t expecting it! I feel appreciated that my manager nominated me for this award. In the organisation it is a small team and I felt like a valued member – part of the family.

Have you had any support from the University?

The Careers Centre were really supportive and helpful by sharing career advice and other opportunities that I can do next. Hallam has an open doors policy – if you need help they’re there. My tutors are really supportive and they've made me feel more confident in my degree, and as I take the next step and pursue my masters in law.

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