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Forthcoming events

  • Date: Tuesday 07 May 2019
    Venue: Peak Lecture Theatre, Owen Building, S1 1WB

    Professor Simona Francese - 'What do Fingerprints reveal about you - a molecular tale'

    This lecture will take you on a roller coaster journey discussing how the pioneering development of a particular type of mass spectrometry technique is revolutionising the way to look at fingerprints as not just a physical trace but as a chemical source of personal information about their owners.

  • Date: Thursday 16 May 2019
    Venue: Dorothy Fleming Lecture Theatre, Charles St Building, S1 2NH

    Professor Alice Bell - 'Digital Fictions and the (Impossible) Worlds They Create'

    In this talk I explore a form of fiction that is created specifically for the digital medium: digital fiction. Digital fictions combine text with other modes (such as image and sound) and are interactive, allowing readers to participate in the fiction making process by selecting their own path through a fictional world, conversing with characters, or determining the outcome of the story.

  • Date: Monday 20 May 2019

    Professor Paul Bingham - 'The Glass Age - From Antiquity To Ubiquity'

    In this lecture we will explore how and why glass has become so ubiquitous in our modern everyday lives: arguably we are now living in the Glass Age.

  • Date: Thursday 23 May 2019
    Venue: Dorothy Fleming Lecture Theatre, Charles St Building, S1 2NH

    Professor Jennifer Smith Maguire - 'Place, taste and why they matter: Researching wines off the beaten track'

    Wines are deeply bound up with notions of taste and place. A wine’s qualities—its acidity, tannins, flavours and aromas—have long been linked to terroir: the idea that wines taste of their place of origin, from the vineyard’s soil to the local winemaking heritage. ... My talk will explore the cultural production of artisanal wines, for which these links between place and taste are especially central.

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