How to pack for uni

"When I started uni I overpacked and brought so much stuff. I now realise you don’t need to bring your entire wardrobe.

"I would say one large suitcase of clothes, a couple of boxes of other stuff and a bin-liner of bedding is about the right level.

"However much your parents want you to bring four of everything, you only really need one or two bowls, knives, forks, etc. Otherwise you'll end up with 20 bowls in the cupboards.

"Along with all the obvious things like towels and your laptop, here are some useful things you might forget

  • As much food from home as possible – giant bags of pasta, beans, tuna, anything that doesn’t go off
  • Coat hangers – lots of my friends forgot to pack these
  • Photos of friends and family – the fastest way to make it feel like home
  • Earplugs and an eye mask - to help get your 8 hours' sleep a night

"Forgotten something or want to decorate your room? The Sheffield Hallam Students’ Union are running a trip to IKEA on Friday 27 September."

By Alison Davey BA Marketing Communications and Advertising

Arrivals Weekend - 21/22 September 2019

Planning for your arrival in Sheffield is vital to avoid unnecessary anxiety and stress of getting stuck in endless traffic jams when all you want to do is settle in to your new home.

Sheffield will get very busy during our main moving in weekend – students from both Sheffield Hallam and the University of Sheffield are moving into their halls over the same weekend.

To avoid long queues, improve air quality and lower the stress levels for you and your family, it is important that you plan ahead. Try and stick to your arrival time slot as much as possible to help with the congestion in and around the city and at your student hall.

When you arrive there will be very limited parking around the hall and nearby streets, often with resident only schemes and no parking zones in operation. Some halls have additional measures in place to manage traffic flow and you will receive more information where necessary. Please be patient and follow the directions given, park and unload your belongings as quickly as possible in a safe, responsible manner.

Once unloaded you should then move your vehicle away from the hall to a suitable parking place to allow other students to do the same. There are a number of places to park in and around the city centre. There are also park and ride facilities at some of the Supertram stations.

Tip: It is always worth checking if there are any roadworks or traffic issues before you set off.

For more information please contact Accommodations Services on 0114 225 5555 or email

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