Living at home and commuting into uni

Do you already live in Sheffield or nearby? Not moving to come to uni? You won’t be alone – around a third of the students here stay at home and travel into uni each day.

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6 things I’ve learned commuting to Sheffield

I live with my parents on the outskirts of Derby. Every day I travel 2 hours to get to university, and another 2 hours to get home.

Here are 6 things I’ve learned from my daily commute.

1. Make friends with your coursemates

Starting a new course and trying to socialise when commuting can be tricky. Start with the obvious – speak to people on your course. You're all studying the same things, so start by talking about that, and any common interests and quirks will soon pop-up.

2. Stay organised and use your time wisely

You'll spend a lot of time on buses or trains, just getting to and from classes. Think about how you can make that time more productive or enjoyable.

3. Keep an eye on your spending

Maybe you'll have less living costs by staying at home but commuting can be expensive.

4. Communicate with people

Speak to your tutors and friends about any support you might need, especially if you have a long or awkward commute. My coursemates and tutors are always happy to help when trains have been cancelled or when I can't be in Sheffield early in the morning or late at night.

5. Do your research

My journey is different everyday with two different trains to catch. It's more expensive in the morning and the last train is at 8pm. How much will travelling cost you? How long will your commute be? Are there any constraints that might be awkward? Knowing these things takes away a lot of the hassle!

6. Look out for commuter offers and events

During Welcome Week (23-27 September) get a coffee and pastry for £1 in the Coffee Union. And don't miss the regular commuter breakfasts – check the Facebook group for details.

by Laura Burden, journalism student

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