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Active wellbeing

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Active wellbeing

Exercise makes you feel better. This doesn’t have to mean going to the gym. Instead, find something you enjoy that fits your level of mobility and fitness. This could be going for a run or walk, a bike ride, playing a sport or even gardening. 

We offer a range of free active sessions, available to all students and led by a wellbeing practitioner. Details about the sessions and links to book onto them can be found below. 

Why active wellbeing?

Hannah Prestwich is the SU officer for Wellbeing, Sport and Physical Activity. Here she talks to Wellbeing Practitioners about their active sessions and why these can be so good for enhancing wellbeing.

Active wellbeing sessions

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Ways to be active remotely from Hallam Active

Photo of someone skipping

Keeping active at home

Online workouts, hints, tips and videos.

Ways to keep active at home
photo of a woman cycling

Outdoor activities

Runs, walks and cycle routes that have been tried and tested by the Hallam Active Team 

Information on outdoor activities

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