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Page written and resources collated by Jan Gurung, Wellbeing Practitioner

If you learn to be assertive it can help your mental health. It can help you to express your opinions and feelings in a constructive way. For example it can help you say no to things, which aren’t good for your wellbeing and it can help in social situations and in group work.

Please note that whilst we hope that all of the resources below are useful, the Student Wellbeing Service does not endorse the opinions expressed by other parties.


Self-help materials you can print, or download and save.

Resource Description
How to be Assertive- Moodjuice self help guide The booklet explains what assertiveness is and how to work on your own assertiveness. It gives some practice questions and scenarios
6 steps to being more assertive (DOCX, 14.5KB) This one pager gives the 6 main steps to being assertive
Body language and assertiveness + different communication styles (DOCX, 14.5KB) This one pager gives hints and tips about body language and how it is linked to assertiveness. It also outlines some different styles you can adopt in communications.

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