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Family and relationships

Recognising 'who' we are and 'how' we are within our family network, is quite often overlooked. However if we take a step back and look at ourselves objectively, (from the outside looking in), this will help us to see who and how we are within our families and in society. 

Where do we sit with our siblings? Are we an only child ? Or a middle child? The oldest? The youngest? Are we the prettiest, tallest, disabled? All these personal aspects may influence how we may value ourselves and how we think or want others to recognise us. 

Everyone is an individual, but there will naturally be a correlation and similarities in how we engage and behave with peer groups, friends, intimacy, and even authority, based on our formative development within our families.


We all have some sort of relationship with each other. The more we communicate with other people, the more those relationships grow. The more we have in common with others, with the same or similar values, the deeper and more engaging are our relationships. One of the most treasured aspects, 'qualities' that being part of a family or in a relationship, is the sense of belonging.


Years ago a family might have been described as two parents and their children living a family unit. Today, though with a diverse and liberal society, family could be more aptly defined as people who support and love each other, whether that be blood relation or otherwise, and may not even all live together.

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Self-help materials you can print, or download and save.

Resource Description
Relate - relationship self help tools Page of self-help tools including booklets about relationship issues, personality test to understand more about your self.

Places to get help

Resource Description
Relate A national organisation providing support and information around family relationships. They also provide counselling.
Family and relationships (Young Minds) Information and advice on family and relationships from young minds - young peoples mental health organisation.

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