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The Social

The Social for Autistic Students

“The Social has let me build the confidence I need to start talking to people” 


We are currently running a remote Social, which means that we are socialising online using video chat.  We usually alternate these Socials between Tuesdays and Wednesdays. They are normally from 4.00pm to 5.00pm.  

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What happens at the Social? 


We talk about 


  • what we have been doing 
  • how we are managing a certain aspect of our lives (such as maintaining routine) 
  • what we think about certain topics 
  • a particular hobby or interest 
  • recommendations for books, films, TV 


We have also started to do quizzes and will be doing other activities such as games in the future.   


All students who have declared to the university that they are autistic receive a weekly email invite to the Social. The invite always says what will be happening in the Social that week.  


Who can attend the Social? 


Students who identify as being on the autism spectrum can attend. You don't need to have had autism diagnosed by a professional.  

Applicants who identify as being on the autism spectrum can also attend. Applicants are invited by email to attend after an induction event in the summer aimed at autistic applicants.  


How to Join 


Just attend when you want to. There is no need to sign up or register.  


Text Reminders 


If you would like to receive text reminders about the Socials please email   


Please title the email The Social and in the email write 'Please send me text reminders about the Socials' Add your name and student number. 

If you receive text reminders about the Socials and no longer want to receive them please respond to any text message about the Social and write ‘Stop’.

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