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Page written and resources collated by Jozef Sen, Lead Wellbeing Practitioner

Anger is a natural human response and forms part of our fight or flight safety system, there to help us protect ourselves when we feel threatened and unsafe. Anger is a normal (healthy) human emotion and when understood and used appropriately it can be very useful and help us to understand ourselves, our needs, and the needs of others better. However, anger can become problematic when: it is happening frequently; feels out of control; is disproportionate to the situation, and leads to you or those around you being hurt either emotionally or physically. How we manage our feelings of anger and the mood changes associated with this is an important social skill to learn.

Learning to understand and manage our feelings of anger can be similar to learning how to understand and manage our anxiety. You may find some useful information on our anxiety page

Please note that whilst we hope that all of the resources below are useful, the Student Wellbeing Service does not endorse the opinions expressed by other parties.


Self-help materials you can print, or download and save.

Resource Description
Moodjuice anger Self-help guide This self-help guide will help you learn more about anger and skills to cope with it.
Controlling Anger - NHS NTW Booklet This guide aims to help you cope with anger. It includes reflective and pen and paper exercises to help you begin to understand and deal with your anger in practical ways.
How to control your anger - Moodzone (NHS) This website provides quick and simple strategies for understanding and managing anger. It also provides some useful links to other resources.


App Description
Headspace Headspace is an app that teaches you how to meditate and relax.
Cove Expressing your emotions can be hard. It can be easier if you make music. Create music to capture your mood and express how you feel.

Places to get help

Local and national organisations, websites

Resource Description
Young Minds - Anger Young Minds have produced this resource specifically with young people in mind. You will find some useful tips and strategies to help cope with anger.

Other Ideas

You might also want to think about

  • Mindfulness
  • Removing yourself from a situation before your anger takes hold
  • Breathing exercises
  • Physical exercise
  • Finding creative ways to release tension and express emotions

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