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Sexual violence and harassment

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Sexual violence and harassment

Page written and resources collated by Andrea Waller, Senior Wellbeing Practitioner

Experiencing sexual assault or sexual violence can affect how you feel, how you think, how you behave and how you see the world. Everyone responds differently - there is no right or wrong way. The most important thing to know is that what happened was not your fault. You have choices and there is support available.

If you have experienced sexual harassment or violence, you can report this and/or get support via our report and support page.

Note: we hope that the resources below are useful, but we do not endorse the opinions expressed by other parties.


Self-help materials you can print, or download and save. Self-help material may trigger difficult thoughts, memories and feelings. Remember to be kind to yourself, and seek further support and help if you need it.

Resource Description
Caring for yourself after sexual violence (free online course) Free online course around caring for yourself after sexual violence.
 My little book of coping methods  Produced by the Peach Diaries and an Independent Sexual Violence Advisor at Solace Women’s Aid, this booklet contains some techniques, tips and suggestions to help you heal

Places to get help

Local and national organisations and websites.

Resource Description
Rape Crisis Range of information to help you identify sources of support (local and national) with a wide range of practical resources including exploring some common reactions to sexual violence and ways to cope.
Survivors UK National organisation that provides support for male survivors of sexual violence recently or in the past.
GALOP - LGBT + anti violence charity National organisation that provides support and information for LGBT+ around hate crime, sexual violence and domestic abuse.
Victim Support National organisation providing support, advice and information around all aspects of crime (including sexual harassment) whether or not you have chosen to report it to the police.
Rape Crisis Scotland National organisation with excellent resources and links to organisations in your local area.
Workplace guidance (TUC)  TUC guidance and advice for staff who have experienced workplace harassment and discrimination

You can find a full detailed list of support services on the Report & Support webpages

Additional resources

Resource Description
Self compassion, mindfulness and guided meditations Sessions available on and
'The Courage to be me' - book by Nina Burrows Book available to view for free here (copyright protected) or buy in ebook or hard copy format. Also available on loan from Hallam library Reading for Wellbeing Lists online

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