Caught short on campus

We want to make sure that everyone has access to the products they need. That’s why staff and students who find themselves caught short on campus can approach several Help points across City and Collegiate Campus and ask for free period products. 

In January 2019, NHS England committed to providing free period products to hospitals. Since then, local authorities across England have begun to adopt a similar service to supply free period products to all students at schools, colleges and universities. 

You can simply ask for the type you need, or if you would rather do this confidentially, ask at the desk for ‘Tammy’ (tampons) or ‘Patricia’ (pads). 

The list of Help points are as follows: 

Hallam Help Point on Owen level 5
Hallam Help Point in Adsetts Library
Hallam Help Point at Heart of the Campus
Hallam Help Point at Collegiate Library
The Student's Union
Pearson's Building Gym (Reception)
Medical Centre (Surrey level 1)
Porter Brook Medical Centre 

As we roll-out this new process, we would appreciate your thoughts and feedback on how easy you find accessing period products on campus. If you use the service, please consider filling out this quick survey so that we can continue to make improvements.

Financial difficulties? 

If you are having trouble paying for period products, you can request an emergency voucher.

We are only able to supply a limited number of vouchers to each student. Therefore, if you are experiencing unforeseen financial difficulties, we may ask you to apply to the Hallam Hardship Fund so that we can consider how best to support you.