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Conor holding his painting You Get Me Down

'Sheffield Hallam opened my eyes to art as a career.'

Conor Rogers graduated from Sheffield Hallam in 2014. Since then, he has launched a successful career as an artist, with his work exhibited around the world.

'When I started my course I didn’t know anything about art, except that I could paint and I enjoyed it. At first it was overwhelming – I’d never had access to those kinds of resources before. Learning art theory and history, meeting people who are passionate about art, discussing it, researching it… it was a pivotal moment for me.

'In my final year I was shortlisted for the John Moores Painting Prize, which opened a lot of doors for me. My work was exhibited in London and New York, and I had commissions and people buying my work. It made me realise I could make art for a living.

'In 2015 I was selected from around 2,000 artists to have my work featured in the Bloomberg New Contemporaries exhibition of up and coming artists. All the big names like Damien Hirst and David Hockney started out there. I’m excited about the future.'

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