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Creating a podcast

A podcast is a digital audio file which can be downloaded or streamed from the internet. This guide will feature an inclusive guide for producing, publishing, and promoting a podcast, including top tips and essential equipment.


Photoshop is the most widely-known and widely-used software for editing images and can be used for both basic and very advanced editing and retouching.

Designing graphics

Having even basic graphic design skills can really help you with communicating with other people and grabbing people’s attention, whether that is creating a poster for a work event or trying to go viral on social media.

Leaflets and posters

Leaflets and posters are great ways to present ideas, advertise services and promote events in public spaces. Producing a poster can even be a type of assignment, so being able to create them can be a very useful skill for your university, work and personal lives.

Websites and portfolios

Having a positive presence on the internet is becoming more and more important, particularly when applying for jobs. Luckily, it’s easier than ever to represent yourself online by creating websites and online portfolios that can showcase your work or business, communicate with others or share information, thoughts and ideas.


Infographics are a way to present information in a visual, engaging way. They combine images, icons and small amounts of text and data and work well for statistical information and timelines, including for CVs.

Creating videos

Videos are a great way to show and share your work in an engaging way, and creating videos is now easier than ever. From your phone to a digital camera, there are small improvements you can make to improve the quality of the videos you capture.


Animations are a great way to present complex information, stories and ideas in an engaging form. Animations can be difficult and time-consuming to create, but there are many tools, including free online ones, that can help even beginners to make and share simple animations.


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