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Staff profiles

Abbott Dr Rachel Principal Lecturer
Abdo Professor Hafez Professor of Accounting
Abell Dr Ben Senior Lecturer In Plant Biochemistry
Aberdein Dr Nicola Lecturer in Anatomy and Physiology
Abernethy Dr. Gavin Lecturer in Engineering Mathematics
Abubakre Dr Alim Senior Lecturer
Acaster Steph Doctoral Researcher and Demonstrator
Adam Professor Emeritus Alison Professor Emeritus of Science, Technology and Society
Adams Gill Reader in Education
Adebayo Abiola Associate Lecturer
Adekoya Dr Olatunji Senior Lecturer
Aderiye Dr Yetunde Oluwatoyin Senior Lecturer
Adesola John Lecturer in Criminology
Adlard Dr Jane Programme Director MSc Forensic Psychology
Afakordzi Alexander Senior Lecturer
Aguado Orea Dr Javier Senior Lecturer In Psychology
Ahmed Dr Samrein Lecturer in Cancer and Cell Biology
Ahsan Dr Ramjanul Lecturer
Ainslie Samantha Senior Lecturer
Aitken Professor Robbie Professor of Imperial History
Akhgar Professor Babak Professor of Informatics and Director of CENTRIC
Akmal Doctor Muhammed Senior Lecturer
Akram Dr Umair Lecturer in Sleep & Mental Health
Aladawi Zuwaina
Albertson Dr Katherine Senior Lecturer in Criminology
Alboul Dr Lyuba Senior Research Fellow
Alderson Professor Andrew Director of the Industry and Innovation Research Institute and Professor of Smart Materials and Structures
Alderson David Senior Lecturer
Aleixo Dr Paul Senior Lecturer In Psychology
Algarhi Dr Amr Senior Lecturer in Economics
Alhinai Senior Lecturer Almajd Senior Lecturer
Ali Dr Alisha Principal Lecturer
Ali Zara Lecturer
Allan Dr Paul Principal Lecturer – Subject Group Leader in Organisation and Human Resource Management
Allarton Ruth Head of Department of Allied Health Professions
Allen Dr Elizabeth Senior Lecturer in Biomedical Science
Allen Joanna Chair of the Audit and Risk Committee
Allen Paul Graphic Design Lecturer
Allwood Dr Danny Senior Lecturer in Organic Chemistry
Al-Naemi Dr Faris Senior Lecturer
Al-Obaidi Dr Karam Senior Lecturer in Sustainable Architecture
Alonso-Perez Rosa Senior Lecturer in Spanish, University Language Scheme (ULS) Academic Coordinator
Al-Salti Dr Faten Adult Nursing Lecturer
Al-Shawi Dr Fethi Senior Lecturer in Industrial Collaborative Engineering
Al-Tamimi Dr Abdel-Karim Senior Lecturer of Computer Science and Software Engineering
Alzub'i Dr Mousa Associate Lecturer
Ambrose Professor Aimee Professor of Energy Policy
Anderson Associate Professor Alexandra Associate Professor
Anderson Dr Harvey Professional & Accrediting Bodies Lead/ Senior Lecturer Sport Coaching & PE
Andersson Dr Catrin Senior Lecturer In Criminology
Anderton Mrs. Leisa Senior Lecturer in Nursing
Anindita Dr Muhammad Lecturer in Strategic Management, Enterprise, and Change
Antony-Newman Dr Max Lecturer
Anyameluhor Dr Nnamdi Senior Lecturer
Appleyard Robert Senior Lecturer
Arbell Dr Yael Research Associate, Centre for Regional Economic & Social Research (CRESR)
Archer Benjamin Lecturer in Law
Archer Dr Tom Senior Research Fellow
Arden Professor Madelynne Professor of Health Psychology; Director of the Centre for Behavioural Science and Applied Psychology; Director of the Behavioural Science Consortium (with University of Manchester)
Arnold Alice Lecturer in Computing
Arunachalam Sugumaran Dr Arunprabhu Researcher
Ashe Mr Simon Associate Lecturer and Doctoral Researcher
Ashley Tom Senior Lecturer
Ashmore Hannah Midwifery Lecturer
Ashmore Lisa Senior Lecturer in Early Years and Primary Mathematics
Ashmore Dr Russell Senior Lecturer
Ashmore Sam Senior Lecturer
Ashworth Becky Lecturer
Ashworth Becky Senior Lecturer
Asquith Dr David Senior Lecturer in Aerospace Engineering
Asthana Dr Abhishek Reader in Energy Engineering, Director of Hallam Energy, Deputy Director of DTA Energy (University Alliance).
Atherton Michelle Senior Lecturer in Fine Art
Atkinson Dr Kym Lecturer in Criminology
Atkinson Professor Paul Professor of Design and Design History
Austen Professor Liz Interim Associate Dean Teaching & Learning
Autogena Lise Professor of Cross-Disciplinary Art
Awolowo Dr Ifedapo Francis Senior Lecturer in Financial and Management Accounting/ ASPIRE Project Lead
Awolowo Dr Ifedapo Francis Senior Lecturer in Financial & Management Accounting
Axelby Judith Senior Lecturer
Azizian Fard Dr M. Lecturer
B. Albaba Dr Melike Senior Lecturer in TESOL and Teacher Education
Bacchus Charlotte Adult Nurse Lecturer
Backhouse Dr Daniel Research Fellow
Bagheri Dr Maryam Lecturer
Bahadori Dr Ramin Senior Lecturer
Bailey Dr Chris Senior Lecturer
Bailey Joanne Lecturer Children's Nursing
Bailey Dr Rob Senior Lecturer, Sport Business Management
Baillie Kathryn Senior Lecturer in Early Years and Primary Education
Bairstow John
Baker Chris KE Policy & Economic Development Manager
Baker-Green Dr Karl Principal Lecturer, Head of Sociology
Baldwin Dr James Senior Lecturer
Ball Nigel Senior Lecturer in Design
Bani Abdelrahman Dr Ra'ed Senior Lecturer in Computer Science and Software Engineering
Banks Angie Senior Lecturer
Banks Professor James Professor of Criminology
Banks Teresa Lecturer in Physical Education and School Sport
Barker Dr Lynne Reader in Cognitive Neuroscience, Neurocognitive Theme Lead for the Centre for Behavioural Science and Applied Psychology
Barley Dr Ruth Senior Lecturer In Sociology
Barnes Dr Andrew Senior Lecturer in Sport and Exercise Science
Barnes Ashley Principal Lecturer
Barnett Nick Senior Lecturer Mental Health Nursing
Baros Dr Miroslav Senior Lecturer in Law
Barrett David Research Fellow
Barrett Louise Department Manager, Department of Finance, Accounting & Business Systems
Bashir Nadia Senior Research Fellow
Bass Mike Senior Lecturer
Bassi Dr Camila Senior Lecturer in Human Geography
Bassindale Dr Thomas Deputy Head of Department
Bastin Ruth Lecturer
Basu Dr Soumya Sankar Senior Lecturer, Computer Science and Software Engineering
Bateman Roger Head of Department, Art & Design
Bates Dr Chris Principal Lecturer in Software Engineering, Graphics and Multimedia
Battey Tom Games Designer in Residence
Battistini Dr Simone Senior Lecturer in Aerospace Engineering
Battiston Dr. Giovanna Principal Lecturer
Battle Steve Packaging Technologist
Battle-Felton Doctor Yvonne Lecturer in Creative Writing and Creative Industries
Batty Helen Senior Lecturer In Physiotherapy
Batty Steven Senior Lecturer of Interior Architecture & Design, and Level 4 Lead, Collaborative Course Leader at INTI, Malaysia
Baxter Dr Erik Senior Lecturer
Baxter Dr Theresa Principal Lecturer
Bayati Doctor Maryam
Bayerl Professor Petra Saskia Professor of Digital Communication and Security
Beard Barbara Senior Lecturer in End of Life Care
Beard Prof Colin Lecturer
Beard David Lecturer in Child Nursing
Beardon Luke Senior Lecturer
Beatty Christina Professor of Applied Economic Geography
Beaumont Dr Jordan Lecturer in Food and Nutrition
Bec Dr Remi Design Researcher
Beckingham Sue Principal Lecturer in Digital Analytics and Technologies and a National Teaching Fellow
Beecher Colette Senior Lecturer In Occupational Therapy
Bell Prof Alice Professor of English Language and Literature
Bell Dr Anthony Senior X-Ray Technician
Bell Dr Henry Senior Lecturer in Performance
Bell Lee Senior Lecturer in Sport and Exercise Science
Bennett Dr Cinnamon Principal Lecturer, Group Leader
Bennett Ellen Senior Lecturer
Benson Doctor Michael Principal Lecturer
Beresford Dr Paul Senior Lecturer
Beresford Dr Ruth Research Associate
Berger Prof Ron Professor Of International Business
Bernard Carol External Co-opted Committee Member of the Finance and Employment Committee
Berring Gabrielle Member of the Finance and Employment Committee
Best Helen Dean of Academic Strategy
Beswick Alison Workplace Wellness Adviser, Health Research Institute
Bevins Dr Stuart Senior Research Fellow
Bhanbhro Dr Sadiq Senior Research Fellow
Bhatnagar Anurag Lecturer
Billau Sally Senior Lecturer in Interior Design
Bimpson Dr Emma Research Fellow, BA (Hons), MA, PhD
Bingham Professor Paul Professor of Glasses and Ceramics
Binney David Principal Lecturer
Binney Julie Senior Lecturer
Birkhead Amy Senior Lecturer in Mathematics Education
Bishop Natalie Lecturer in Nursing
Black Dr Alex Senior Lecturer in Criminology
Black Dr. Jack Associate Professor of Culture, Media, and Sport
Blackshaw Professor Tony Professor of Leisure Studies and Sociology
Blakemore Dr Laura Senior Lecturer in Advancing Clinical Practice
Blanco-Velo Dr Alonso
Blohm Jane Senior Lecturer
Boardman Susan Principal Lecturer
Boisvert Charles Senior Lecturer
Bolsover Lucia Senior Lecturer
Bond Dr Carmel Lecturer in Mental Health Nursing
Boneva Gabriela Researcher
Bonner Stuart Senior Lecturer in PE, Sport Coaching and Development
Boodt Sarah Senior Lecturer in Post 16 Education
Booth Dr Josephine Principal Research Fellow
Booth Lynne Senior Lecturer
Borkett Penny Senior Lecturer In Early Years
Bottini Filho Dr Luciano Lecturer in Human Rights
Bourke Liam Professor of Cancer Research
Bower Professor Kim Professor of Innovation in Languages Education
Bowers-Brown Dr Tamsin Principal Lecturer
Bowles Dr David Principal Lecturer
Bowles Dr Simon Lecturer in Nutrition
Bowman Pamela Principal Lecturer
Boyd Ginny Senior Lecturer In Children and Childhood
Boylan Professor Mark Co-Head of Research and Innovation, Sheffield Institute of Education
Bradshaw Hannah Doctoral Researcher and Demonstrator
Bradshaw Dr Robert Senior Lecturer in Analytical Science. Co-Placement Lead for Department of Biosciences and Chemistry.
Brailsford Mandy Principal Lecturer
Branch Jill Senior Lecturer In Early Education
Brannan Jason Deputy Director of the Advanced Wellbeing Research Centre
Breese Jo Lecturer in Illustration
Breikin Dr Tim Reader in Control Engineering
Brewster Ben Researcher
Brewster Jacqui Senior Lecturer
Bricklebank Professor Neil Professor of Chemistry
Bridge Dr Jonathan Course Leader, MSc Environmental
Bridgeman Nikita Lecturer in Business Operations and Systems
Bridle Jonathan Senior Lecturer
Brinkley Jessica Lecturer Practitioner
Brooks Dr Jenni Senior Lecturer in Sociology
Broomhead Tony Senior Lecturer
Brown Chloë Senior Lecturer
Brown Dr Christopher Lecturer in Social Psychology & Qualitative Research
Brown Michaela Senior Lecturer
Brown Nickey Senior Lecturer PGCE Modern Languages
Brown Dr Steven Senior Lecturer in Psychology
Brown Dr Suzanne Senior Lecturer in Secondary Science Initial Teacher Education
Brown Mr Tom Senior Lecturer in Criminology
Brownlow Dr Rebecca Lecturer in Environmental Science
Bull Andy Senior Lecturer in Secondary Education
Bullas Dr Alice Research Fellow
Bulley Sue Deputy Head of Department
Bullivant Elizabeth Senior Lecturer, Postgraduate Medical Ultrasound Course Leader
Bullough Andrew Senior Research Fellow, Course Leader - MA Professional Practice in Education
Bullough Steve Senior Research Fellow
Bundschuh Dr Thomas Senior Lecturer in Human Rights
Bunning Dr John Principal lecturer and Quality Enhancement Coordinator for the Department of Computing
Burke Cath Senior Lecturer In Midwifery
Burke Mrs Gemma Senior Lecturer
Burke Gemma Senior Lecturer
Burke Greg Director of Place and Civic Engagement
Burnett Professor Cathy Professor of Literacy and Education
Burns Mr Derek Doctoral Researcher / Associate Lecturer
Burns Georgia Senior Lecturer in Graphic Design
Burns Sarah Lecturer In Learning Disability Nursing
Burns Seamus Senior Lecturer in Law
Burrows Jacky Senior Lecturer In Criminology
Burton Louise Senior Lecturer
Burton Dr Maria Senior Research Fellow/Principal Lecturer
Burton Sam Senior Lecturer in Law
Bush Dr Sophie Principal Lecturer
Butler Dr Rose Senior Lecturer Fine Art
Butterill Tim Senior Lecturer Advanced Clinical Practice
Byrne Eleanor Senior Research Fellow
Bywater Helen Principal Lecturer
Cadet Nichola Senior Lecturer in Criminology
Cadman Dr Daniel Senior Lecturer in English Literature
Cadman Dr Louisa Senior Lecturer in Human Geography
Cadman Victoria Senior Lecturer in Operating Department Practice
Caine Jamie Senior Lecturer in Information Systems
Calvert Richard Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Strategic Development)
Campbell Fiona Senior Lecturer in Criminal Justice
Campbell Dr Susan Senior Lecturer in Biosciences
Cannon Natasha Simulation Secondee
Canter Dr Lily Senior Lecturer in Journalism
Cardwell Sarah Senior Lecturer In Real Estate
Carolan Dr Vikki Principal Lecturer and Undergraduate Delivery Manager
Carr Dave Senior Lecturer
Carr Jennie Associate Lecturer in Law
Carrión-Plaza Dr Alicia Research Fellow
Carter Anouska Principal Researcher and Lead Physical Activity, Wellbeing and Public Health Research Group
Carter Dr Caron Senior Lecturer in Childhood & Early Childhood Education & Postgraduate Research Tutor in Education
Carter Dr Emma Senior Lecturer in Mechanical Engineering
Cassidy Kathryn Course Leader MSc Physiotherapy (Pre-Registration)
Castleton Dr Holly Lecturer in Mechanical Engineering
Cavan Sean Head of Strategic Business Engagement
Cecchinato Mandy Senior Lecturer, Children Young People and Families
Cerminara Adriano Senior Lecturer and Course Leader of the BEng/MEng Aerospace Engineering
Chaggar Alex Lecturer in Criminology, Human Rights & Social Justice
Chamberlain Professor Paul Co-Director C3RI, Head of Art and Design Research Centre, Director of Lab4Living and Director of Design Futures
Chamberlain Stephanie Senior Lecturer In Marketing
Chan Dr Dora
Chapple Professor Christopher Visiting Professor
Charles Phil Senior Lecturer
Charlesworth Dawn Senior Lecturer
Charlesworth Laura Senior Lecturer
Charlish Peter Principal Lecturer
Charlton Michael Senior Lecturer
Chauhdry Hayley Senior Lecturer In Adult Nursing
Cheetham Tony Principal Lecturer in Real Estate
Chen Dr Wei Course Leader, International Hospitality and Tourism Management
Cheng Dr Lixin Principal Lecturer in Chemical Engineering
Cheng Professor Ming Professor of Higher Education
Cherrington Dr James Senior Lecturer
Cheung Doctor Heidi Director of Placement Learning
Childerhouse Dr Helen Associate Lecturer
Childs Professor Charmaine Professor of Clinical Science
Chiu Dr. Chuang-Yuan Researcher
Choo Lip Sy Lecturer In Financial Reporting
Choppin Dr. Simon Associate Professor
Chowbey Dr Punita Senior Research Fellow
Churchill Luke Senior Lecturer and Course Leader for the Quantity Surveying Degree Apprenticeships
Churchill Dr Sarah Senior Lecturer
Ciesielska Professor Gosia Professor of Management & Organisation Studies
Clague Lucy Research Fellow
Clark Dan Senior Lecturer/Emergency nurse practitioner
Clark Deborah Senior Lecturer
Clark Dr Jodie Senior Lecturer In English Language
Clark Laura Lecturer in Adult Nursing
Clark Lewis Researcher
Clark Richard Senior Lecturer, Nursing
Clarke Associate Professor David Associate Professor
Clarke Dr Elaine Researcher - Psychology, Sociology & Politics Subject group: Psychology
Clarke Dr Jo Senior Lecturer
Clarkson Melanie Senior Lecturer
Claxton Dr David Senior Lecturer
Clayton Rachael Lecturer
Cleaver Professor Doug Director of the Doctoral School and Professor of Materials Modelling
Clegg Dr David Business and Enterprise (B&E) Portfolio Lead
Clegg Dr Francis Senior Research Fellow
Clewlow Charlotte Lecturer
Clifton Brett Senior Lecturer In Tesol
Coggin Martin Lecturer
Coldron Professor John Emeritus Professor
Coldwell Professor Mike Associate Director, Research and Innovation
Cole Dr Laura Senior Lecturer in Biomedical Science
Coleman Dr Charlotte Deputy Head of Psychology, Sociology and Politics
Coleman Maureen Senior Lecturer
Coleman Sean Senior Lecturer, Course leader for BSc degree apprenticeship in Dietetics
Colley Rachael Senior Lecturer in Jewellery and Metalwork
Collins Dr. Mark Academic Delivery Manager, Department of Allied Health Professions
Connolly Annaliese Senior Lecturer
Connolly Stephen Lecturer in Autism and Education
Connor Stephen Senior Lecturer
Conti Dr Daniela Casual Senior Researcher
Cook Michelle Senior Lecturer in Mental Health Nursing
Cookson Glen Senior Lecturer
Coombes Dr Philip Lecturer In Marketing
Coombs Dr Phil Lecturer in Education Studies, Education Psychology and Counselling
Cooper Luke Lecturer in Physiotherapy
Cooper Martin Senior Lecturer in Software Engineering, Graphics and Multimedia
Cooper Naomi Principal Lecturer Primary ITT Courses
Cooper Richard Senior Lecturer
Copeland Professor Robert Director of The Advanced Wellbeing Research Centre, Professor of Physical Activity and Health
Copley Jo Practice Learning Placement Manager for Social Work
Corazzo Associate Professor James Teaching & Learning Portfolio Lead & Principal Lecturer Graphic Design
Corner Dr Alex Lecturer in Mathematics
Cottam Charlie Lecturer
Cotterrell Professor David Director of Research Institute (Culture & Creativity)
Coule Professor Tracey Professor
Counsell Alison Senior Lecturer
Court Rosemary Senior Lecturer
Cowburn Professor Emeritus Malcolm Emeritus Professor
Cowell Tony Senior Lecturer in Secondary Education
Cowling John Chair of the Finance and Employment committee
Craig Dr Claire Professor of Design and Creative Practice in Health
Crank Dr Helen Principal Research Fellow
Craven Jacqueline Senior Lecturer
Crawford Jordan PhD Researcher/Technician
Creasey-Gray Lyndsay Senior lecturer in Primary English
Crilley Ewen Senior Lecturer
Crisp Richard Reader
Crombie Alex Lecturer in Physics
Crooks Dr Lucy Senior Lecturer in Genomics and Bioinformatics
Cross Dr Alison Senior Lecturer in Biosciences
Cross Dr Neil Reader in Cancer Biology
Crudgington Dr Helen Business Development Administrator
Culliney Dr Martin Senior Research Fellow
Cunliffe-Charlesworth Dr Hilary Principal Lecturer in Media and Public Relations and Department Lead for Learning Teaching and Assessment
Cunningham Oli BSc (Hons) Architecture Course Leader
Curtis David Principal Research Fellow
Da Costa Abreu Dr. Marjory Senior Lecturer
Da Silva Dr Carlos Senior Lecturer in Software Engineering
Dale Sue Senior Lecturer in Physiotherapy
Dallison Amy Lecturer in Children's Nursing
Dalton Dr Caroline PhD Reader in Neuroscience and Genetics
Daneyko Dr Olga Senior Lecturer in Psychology, Course Leader MSc Psychology
Daneyko Doctor Olga Senior lecturer in Psychology
Danickova Eva Lecturer, Acute & Critical Care (adult nursing)
Daniels Dr Karen Associate Professor in Early Literacies
Darder Dr Laia
Darwent Dave Senior Lecturer: E-Learning Technologist, and Course Leader: PGCert Digital Teaching & Learning
Davey Michelle
Davey Steffi Researcher (Interactive Design)
Davids Professor Keith Professor of Motor Learning
Davies Dr Kathy Researcher
Davies Dr Larissa Reader in Sport Management
Davies Dr Sergio Senior lecturer
Davila Garcia Dr Maria Luisa Lecturer in Artificial Intelligence
Davis Grace Senior Lecturer
Day Alex Lecturer, Department of Social Work and Social Care and Community Studies
Day Patricia Senior Lecturer
Day Tony Head of Technology and Development
Dayson Professor Chris Professor of Voluntary Action, Health and Wellbeing
de Berg Dr Anna Senior Lecturer in Intercultural Studies
De Normanville Clare Principal Lecturer in Adult Nursing
De Silva Dr Rondy Principal Lecturer in International Business
de Sousa Dr Ricardo Senior Lecturer in Sport Business Management
Deakin Dr Emmie Course Leader
Deakin James Physiotherapy Lecturer
Dean Jon Associate Professor in Politics and Sociology
Dearden Professor Andy Professor of Interactive Systems Design
Debney Matthew Graduate Teaching Assistant in Sport
Dein Jenny Senior Lecturer in Secondary Education
Deller Dr Ruth Reader in Media and Communication
Demack Sean Senior Lecturer
Demissie Dr Fufy Senior Lecturer in Early Years Education
Dempsey Elizabeth Senior Lecturer
Deng Dr Wei Research Fellow
Denniss Rebecca Doctoral Researcher
Denton Mark Senior Lecturer (Quantity Surveying) and Assistant Course Leader BSc (Hons) Quantity Surveying
Denton Mr Mark Senior Lecturer
Desforges Dr Luke Academic Director
Devaney Dr Chris Research Fellow (Oak Foundation)
Develin Deborah Senior Lecturer In Practice Education
Dewis Pamela Principal Lecturer
Dexter Matt Research Associate
Dharmadasa Senior Staff Grade Professor I. M. Principal Lecturer and Senior Staff Grade Professor
Dhillon Professor Sital Head of Department of Law & Criminology, Director of the Helena Kennedy Centre for International Justice
Di Betta Dr Anna Senior Lecturer In Psychology
Di Nuovo Professor Alessandro Professor of Machine Intelligence
Dickinson Sarah Principal Lecturer and Deputy Head of Built Environment Subject Area
Dillon Aimi Lecturer, Acute & Critical Care (adult nursing)
Dinsdale Norman Senior Lecturer
Dirisu Dr Mohammed Lecturer
Dobson Dr Julian Senior Research Fellow
Dodd Susan Research Support Manager
Doel Professor Mark Emeritus Professor
Doherty Dr Kathy Head of Postgraduate Research
Dolan Chris Research Development Manager (Grants and Systems)
Domdouzis Konstantinos Senior Lecturer
Doncaster Anne Lecturer in Digital Media Production
Doney Mike Lecturer in Illustration
Donnelly Alan Researcher-Student Research & Engagement
Donovan Andrew Lecturer of Construction Project Management
Doran Dr Adele Principal Lecturer
Doughty Joanne Senior Lecturer
Douglas Roderick Senior Lecturer in Computer Systems and Networks, Course Leader for BSc Hon Computer and Information Security
Dowd Anna Senior Lecturer In Quantity Surveying
Dowey Dr Natasha Associate Professor in Sustainable Geoscience and Volcanology
Dowling John Senior Lecturer in Graphic Design
Doxey Cara Senior Lecturer in Primary Education
Drake Amelia Lecturer
Dredge Dr Sarah Senior Lecturer
Drewery Dr Claire Senior Lecturer
Drury-Smith Heather Senior Lecturer
du Rocher Dr Andrew Senior Lecturer in Psychology
Duarah Soumya Researcher
Dubey Dr Bipro Nath Lecturer in Food and Chemical Engineering
Duffy Dr Marc Senior Lecturer
Dulake Nick Senior Industrial Designer
Duncan Professor Rory Pro Vice-Chancellor (Research and Innovation)
Dunn Heather PhD Candidate/Associate Lecturer
Dunn Jenny Impact Manager
Dunn Dr Katie Senior Lecturer in Marketing
Dunn Dr. Marcus Senior Research Fellow
Dunning Dr John Principal Lecturer Of Hospitality Management
Durant Lindsay Midwifery Lecturer
Durber Jeff Senior Lecturer, Collaborative Course Leader BA Jewellery and Metalwork (SHU/SHAPE Hong Kong)
Durkins Sarah Relationship Manager Sheffield Innovation Programme
Du-Valle Bluebell Clinical Skills and Simulation Lecturer
Eadson Prof Will Professor of Urban and Regional Studies
Earle Dr Harriet Senior Lecturer in English and Creative Writing
East Oliver Lecturer
Edgar Matt Principal Lecturer in Graphic Design and Operational Lead for Visual Communication
Edmans Dr Ben Lecturer in Mechanical Engineering
Edmonds Chrissie Senior Lecturer in Social Work
Edmondson Lee Researcher
Edwards Sharyn Senior Lecturer
Ehiyazaryan-White Dr Ester Senior Lecturer in Childhood Studies
Ejiogu Professor Amanze Professor of Accounting, Society and Accountability
Elfakir Dr Adil Senior Lecturer
Eliwa Dr Essam Senior Lecturer
Ellis Angela Lecturer in Nursing (Adult)
Ellis Dr Mark Senior Lecturer
Elsmore Dr Ian Senior Lecturer
Escott Dr Hugh Senior Lecturer in English Language
Evans Angela Senior Lecturer
Evans Kayleigh Lecturer
Evans Dr Laura Senior Lecturer In History
Evans Richard Principal Lecturer and Quality Lead for the Department of Art & Design
Eves Lewis PhD Candidate
Ezzeddine Yasmine Associate Lecturer and PhD Student
Fair Frankie Lecturer in Midwifery/Research Midwife
Fairley Beatrice Senior Lecturer
Farmilo Dr Nick Business Development Manager
Fauset Dan Senior Lecturer in Law and Criminology
Fearn Adrian Principal Lecturer - Partnership Lead for Teacher Education
Fearon Jane Senior Lecturer
Featherstone Dr Mark Student Experience Lead
Fedotova Oksana Senior Lecturer in Creative Media
Fegan Colette Principal Lecturer
Fenwick Dr James Associate Professor
Ferguson Beverly Senior Lecturer
Fernandes Caren Lecturer
Fernando Dr Ruwani Lecturer in Criminology
Ferrari Professor Ed Director of CRESR
Feteira Prof Antonio Professor
Fielden Dr Iain Research Consultant
Fielding-Lloyd Dr Beth Principal Lecturer, Quality and Learning, Teaching and Assessment Lead
Fildes Dr Keith Research Development Manager (Policy and Performance)
Fisher Mark Course Leader
Fitzgerald Chris Lecturer
Fleming Dr Katarzyna Senior Lecturer
Fleming Doctor Leigh Deputy Head of Department — Engineering and Mathematics
Fleming Reuben Senior Lecturer
Fletcher Professor Del Professor of Labour Market Studies
Fletcher Keeley Senior Lecturer In Law
Fletcher Neil Senior Lecturer
Forbes Dr Sarah Lecturer in Biomedical Sciences
Ford Lee Senior Lecturer in Graphic Design
Formby Professor Eleanor Professor of Sociology and Youth Studies
Foster Dr. Leon Researcher
Fothergill Professor Steve Professor
Foulkes Angela Member of the Academic Assurance Committee
Foulkes Denise Senior Lecturer
Fowler Mr. Andrew Senior Lecturer in Criminology
Fowler-Davis Dr Sally Associate Professor Organisation in Health and Care
France Aimee AHP Degree Apprenticeship Portfolio Lead
Francese Professor Simona Professor of Forensic and Bioanalytical Mass Spectrometry
Frankland Sharon Senior Lecturer
Fraser Dr Douglas Senior Lecturer in Environmental Sciences
Freeman Dr Elizabeth Lecturer In Psychology
Freeman Sally Lead Link Lecturer
Frith Miss Gabbi Researcher
Froggatt Chloe Doctoral Researcher and Graduate Teaching Assistant
Furness Dr Penny Senior Lecturer in Psychology
Gair Andy Senior Lecturer
Gan Bee Head of Global Academic Development
Gandy Dr Niall Lecturer in GIS
Garcia Carol Senior Lecturer in Physiotherapy
Gardiner Dr Katherine Senior Lecturer in Management
Gardiner Dr Philip Senior Lecturer in Analytical Chemistry
Garner Dr Iain Dean of College, Social Science and Arts
Garner Dr Iain Dean of College, Social Science and Arts
Garner Dr Iain Dean of College, Social Science and Arts
Garner Dr Tom Senior Lecturer of Interactive Technologies
Garrow Nigel Finance, Accounting And Business Systems
Gaudoin Dr. Jotham Senior Lecturer
Gebreslassie Dr Mulualem Gebregiorgis Transforming Lives Fellow & Associate Professor
Gent Dr Susannah Senior lecturer (Film and Media Production)
Georgopoulos Associate Professor Nik Associate Professor in Cell Biology & Transforming Lives Fellow
Gharib Dr Ajmal Senior Lecturer Computing
Gibbons Dr Alison Reader in Contemporary Stylistics
Giglitto Dr Danilo Associate Lecturer
Gilbertson Jan Senior Research Fellow
Gilhooly Sophie Lecturer
Gill Dr Jameson Senior Lecturer in Marketing
Gilligan Dr Christine Senior Lecturer Department of Management, PhD academic tutor and MRes Business Course Leader
Gillin Julie Senior Lecturer in Journalism
Gillis Richard Lecturer in Food Science and Technology
Gillott Alexander
Giove Dr Sam Director of Sheffield Business School
Giusti Dr Giulio Senior Lecturer in Modern Languages & European Cinema
Glaves Angela Senior Lecturer in Mental Health Nursing
Glentworth Dr Joe Lecturer in Environmental Management and Environmental Science
Glover Ian Senior Lecturer
Goel Dr Mukesh Senior Lecturer
Goldschmied Dr Anita Z Senior Lecturer Learning Disability Nursing and Social Work
Goldsmith Simon Research Fellow
Gomez Cardenas Dr Myriam Lecturer in International Business
Goodall Jake Lecturer
Goodby Professor John Professor of Arts and Culture
Goodier Anthony Principal Lecturer and Head of Area, Built Environment
Goodwill Dr. Simon Head of Sports Engineering
Goodwin Dr Sarah Senior Lecturer in Law and Criminology
Gordon Sarah Senior Lecturer in Primary Education and Early Years, Course leader PGCE in Early Years / Primary Education
Gorst Dr Jonathan Deputy Head, Department of Management
Grace Dr Jamie Senior Lecturer in Law
Grafton Dr Kate Deputy Head Of Department
Graham Caroline Physiotherapy Lecturer
Graham Dr David Principal Lecturer
Grant John Senior Lecturer in Sustainable Construction and Climate Change
Grantham Helen Projects Researcher
Gratton Elena Adult Nurse Lecturer
Gray Francis Senior Lecturer
Grayson Amy Postdoctoral Researcher
Greaves Paul Lecturer of Sport
Green David Senior Lecturer / Professional Development Facilitator
Green Emma
Green Paula Principal Lecturer
Green Dr Stephen Senior Research Fellow
Gregory Maxine Senior Research Fellow
Grierson Karen Associate lecturer
Griffith Peter Senior Lecturer in Law
Griffith Vanessa Senior Lecturer
Griffiths Dr Kerry Senior Research Fellow
Griffiths Teri-Lisa Senior Lecturer
Grint Ken Lecturer in Creative Media
Grinter Hayley Senior Lecturer
Grinvalds Natalie Workplace Wellness Practitioner
Grover Peter Head of Educational Partnerships and Skills
Guilford Martine Senior Lecturer In Occupational Therapy
Gurman Jane Senior Lecturer
Gurney Dr Anita Head of Research Services
Gwilt Dr Alison Reader in Fashion and Sustainability
Haake Professor Steve Professor of Sports Engineering
Hackett Professor Abigail Professor of Childhood and Education
Haddock Dr Gail Senior Lecturer
Haggerty Dr John Senior Lecturer in Cyber Security
Haghighi Movahed Siavosh Senior Lecturer in Computer Systems and Networks, Course leader for MSc Advanced Computer Networks
Hajdu Charles Senior Lecturer Airline and Airport Management BSc
Hall Dr Adrian Principal Lecturer
Hall Christopher Senior Lecturer, Digital Post Production
Hall Ian Member of the Audit and Risk Committee
Hallewell Gail Research and Knowledge Exchange Manager
Halliday Dr Ian Reader
Halliday Joelle Senior Research Fellow
Hamer Rebecca Research Associate
Hamilton Dr Alex Senior Lecturer in Physical Chemistry
Hamilton Andrew Senior Lecturer, Course Leader for Computer Science for Games
Hamilton Professor Douglas Professor of History
Hamilton Nick Principal Research Fellow
Hamilton Dr Paula Senior Lecturer
Hammerton Dr Jackie Principal Lecturer
Hammond Dr Catherine Senior Lecturer in Planning
Handforth Dr Rachel
Hanley Peter Part-time Senior Lecturer-Practitioner Physiotherapy
Hannam-Swain Stephanie Senior Lecturer
Hannan Mohammed External Co-Opted Member of the Audit and Risk Committee
Hanson Dr Katie Senior Lecturer
Hanson Maria Course Leader
Harcus James Senior Lecturer In Diagnostic Radiography
Hardcastle Dr Sarah Associate Professor in Physical Activity and Health
Harding Lee Senior Lecturer
Harman Stephanie Senior Lecturer
Harness David Professor of Services Management
Harness Tina Deputy Head Of Department Of Management
Harrington Jerome Research Degree Student
Harris Catherine Research Fellow
Harris-Evans Dr. Jean Senior Research Fellow
Harrison Dr Anne-Marie Senior Lecturer in Healthcare Science
Harrison Emma Senior Lecturer in Quantity Surveying
Harrison Nicola Senior Lecturer
Harrison Shirley Associate Lecturer
Hart Gemma Senior Research Fellow
Hart Dr. John Senior Research Fellow
Hartle Stephanie Senior Lecturer
Hartley Rebecca Senior Lecturer in Law and Criminology
Hastings Christopher Lecturer, Paramedic Practice
Hattersley Dr David Senior Lecturer in Marketing
Hatton Dr Amanda Senior Lecturer In Children and Childhood
Hawkins Anna Senior Lecturer in Environmental Social Science
Hawley Glyn
Haya-Baviera Maud Senior Lecturer in Photography
Hayes John Principal Lecturer in Creative Media, International Business Developer
Haynes Dr Lylah Senior Lecturer in Mathematics and Placement Tutor for Mathematics, Visiting Tutor
Haynes Natalie Senior Lecturer
Haywood-Small Dr Sarah Senior Lecturer
Head Dr Jeremy Principal Lecturer
Healey Dr Joan Senior Lecturer
Heap Dr. Vicky Reader in Criminology
Heath Professor Virginia Professor of Film
Heaton Caroline Senior Lecturer (Research, Evaluation and Student Engagement)
Heaton Colleen Head Of Recruitment
Heaton-Stockton Kate Lecturer
Helks Dr Marie Head of Area for Primary Postgraduate provision; Staff group lead
Heller Dr. Ben Associate Professor
Hembrough David Senior Sport Science Officer
Henderson Ian Project Manager – Sheffield Innovation Programme
Hepplestone Stuart Senior Lecturer
Herigstad Dr Mari Lecturer
Heron Dr Emma Head of Teaching, Learning and Assessment, College of Social Sciences and Arts
Heselton Mike Senior Lecturer in Information Systems at Sheffield Hallam University
Hext Andy Researcher
Hickman Professor Paul Research Lead, Department of Psychology, Sociology and Politics
Higginbotham Lee Senior Lecturer
Hinchliff Sally Senior Lecturer Modern Foreign Languages, Primary & Secondary
Hindmarsh Chloe Senior Lecturer
Hintea Dr Diana Deputy Head of Department
Hinxman Lynda Assistant Dean, Employer Engagement
Hird Dr Andrew
Hirsch Laurie Senior Lecturer in Computing
Hirst Dr Craig Senior Lecturer
Hobson Deborah Senior Lecturer In Paramedic Practice
Hobson Jennifer Lecturer in Sport and Exercise Psychology
Hodge Professor Nick Professor of Inclusive Practice
Holborn Catherine Senior Lecturer
Holland Dr Claire Principal Lecturer
Holland Pamela Senior Lecturer In Nursing
Hollis Simon Senior Lecturer
Holloway Dr Alan Subject Group Leader
Homer Dr Catherine Associate Professor of Obesity and Public Health
Honeywell Dr Carissa Senior Lecturer In Politics/Political S
Honnor Alison Impact Manager
Hooper Peter Associate Lecturer/Senior Lecturer
Hope Christine Associate Lecturer
Hormis Professor Anil Consultant in Anaesthesia & Critical Care
Hossain Dr Mohataz Senior Lecturer in Environmental Architecture & Technology
Houldsworth Doctor Austin Lecturer
Hovsepian Professor Papken Head of Thin Films Research Centre
Hubbard Lorna Associate Lecturer
Hudson Dr. Chris Senior Research Fellow
Hudson Frazer Senior Lecturer - Illustration
Hudson Jeni Senior Lecturer
Hufford Jamie Senior Lecturer
Hughes Patricia Senior Lecturer in Mental Health and Level 4 Lead BSc Nursing ICC
Hughes Stephen Lecturer in TESOL
Hulme James Lecturer in Law
Humphreys Dr Helen Senior Research Fellow
Humphreys Liam Research Fellow
Hurley Dr Matthew Senior Lecturer in Politics & International Relations
Hurst Janette Senior Lecturer, Course Leader - BA Business and Management
Husain Fazila
Husain Ms Lopa Course Leader
Hutchinson Michael Senior Lecturer in Media and Public Relations
Hutton Jenny Senior Lecturer
Hynes Mrs. Catriona Senior Lecturer in Diagnostic Imaging
Hynes Patricia Professor of Social Justice
Ibbotson Rachel Research Fellow
Ibeggazene Said Clinical Science Research Fellow
Ibrahime Rima Associate Lecturer
Idris Jaffer Senior Lecturer
Ikpehai Dr. Augustine Senior Lecturer
Illingworth Martin Senior Lecturer in English Education
Ingram Professor Nicola
Ioannidis Associate Professor Gregory Course Leader
Irving Dr Jamie Senior Lecturer in Criminology
Issa Dr Samah Senior Lecturer in Banking and Finance & Postgraduate Research Tutor (SERI)
Issa Dr Walid Associate Professor in Power Electronics
J Smith CBE Tim Chair of the Board of Governors
Jackson Dr Russell Senior Lecturer in Communication and Public Relations
Jackson Professor Sally Chief People Officer and Pro Vice-Chancellor (Diversity and Inclusion)
Jacobi Mark Deputy Head of Department
Jacobi Melissa Academic Director for Academic Advising
Jahangiri Dr Hessam Lecturer in Chemical Engineering
Jalali Ghazaani Setareh Lecturer in Cyber Security
Jamieson-Shaw Ann Senior Lecturer in Physical Education
Jamison-Powell Sue Lecturer In Psychology (Social)
Jana Dr Buddhadev Senior Lecturer in Materials Engineering
Janani Dr Ronak Research Fellow
Jarvinen Dr Aki Subject Group Leader
Jarwar Dr Muhammad Aslam Senior Lecturer
Javed Dr Yasir Senior Lecturer
Jeffery Dr Bob Course Leader MRes Social Research and Senior Lecturer in Sociology
Jelley Gordon Lecturer
Jenkins Clare Senior Lecturer, BA Journalism
Jenkins Dr Emma Senior Lecturer
Jilani Doctor Zairul Senior Lecturer
Jobling Dr Andrew Senior Lecturer In Human Geography
Johnson Dr Alice Lecturer in Inorganic Chemistry
Johnson Catherine Senior Lecturer
Johnson Professor Esther Professor of Film and Media Arts
Johnson Dr Katherine Lecturer In Performance Studies
Johnson Mark Senior Lecturer in Law
Johnson Dr Patrick Senior Lecturer in Mathematics
Johnson Professor Steven Assistant Dean (Research)
Johnson-Mitchell Sarah Research Development Manager (Grants)
Johnston Amanda Innovation Manager
Jones Andrew Senior Lecturer in Geography and Undergraduate Course Leader
Jones Anthony Principal Industrial Designer at Design Futures
Jones Arthur Researcher
Jones Doctor Christopher Senior Lecturer
Jones David Senior Lecturer in Science Education (Physics)
Jones David Principal Lecturer
Jones Dr. Gareth Behavioural Health Psychologist
Jones Dr Hywel Principal Research Fellow
Jones Dr Leighton Senior Lecturer in Sport and Exercise Science (Exercise Psychology)
Jones Martin Lecturer, Mental Health Nursing
Jones Nigel Principal Lecturer
Jones Rebecca Research & Innovation Senior Administrator
Jones Susan Principle Lecturer - Student Engagement And Employment Lead. Service Sector Management
Jordan-Mahy Dr Nikki BSc/MSci Biochemistry Course Leader and Principal Lecturer
Joubert Dr Marelize Principal Lecturer in Social Work
Jowers Jessica Senior Lecturer in Criminology
Jowett Lee Climate Change and Sustainability Fellow
Judge Marie Senior Lecturer
Kabir Dr Feroz Senior Lecturer, Chemical Engineering Program
Kakade Dr. Priyanka Desai Lecturer
Kalami Heris Dr Mostapha Research Associate
Kalivoda Roman Senior Lecturer
Kara Dr Fuat Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering
Kay Dr Helen Senior Lecturer in Academic Development and Inclusivity
Kay Katie Lecturer
Kayikci Dr Yasanur Associate Professor in Logistics and Supply Chain Management
Keefe Terrence Senior Lecturer in Information Systems
Keeling Amanda Research and Innovation Senior Administrator
Kekelikova Monika Senior lecturer in Banking and Finance
Kelley Dr. John Research Fellow
Kellock Dr Anne Senior Lecturer In Children and Childhood
Kelly Dr Daniel Senior Lecturer
Kelly Professor Shona Professor of Interdisciplinary Health Research
Kemp Sean Senior Lecturer
Kenny Dr. Megan Forensic Psychology Lecturer
Kent Esther Academic Director, Employability & Placement Lead for Sport
Kent Shane Senior Lecturer Physical Education and Sport Coaching
Kerslake Lord Chair of the Board of Governors
Kesterton Sue Exercise Science Officer
Ketheswaran Birintha Associate Lecturer
Ketnor Dr Claire Principal Lecturer
Keyworth Ryan Chief Finance Officer
Khan Saud Amin Associate Lecturer
Khanna Dr Rebecca Assistant Dean, Academic Development
Khatab Professor Khaled Professor of Statistics and Health Economic modelling
Khurana Dr Mansi Lecturer
Kilby Dr Laura Head of Centre for Culture Media and Society
Kilner Beverley Simulation Lecturer
Kim Dr Seonyoung Principal Lecturer
King Christina Business Development Manager
King Collette Deputy Head of Subject Area (Built Environment), Principal Lecturer (Quantity Surveying).
King Paul Head of Architecture
Kirk Benjamin Senior Lecturer / Collaborative Course Leader, Fd Physical Education and School Sport
Kirk Dr Christopher Senior Lecturer in Sport and Exercise Physiology
Kirkby John Creative Director Design Futures Packaging
Kirsten Louise Senior Lecturer in Real Estate
Kitchen Matt Research Assistant
Kivland Dr Sharon Reader in Fine Art
Klompenhouwer Petra Senior Lecturer, Academic Delivery Manager
Klonizakis Professor Markos Professor of Vascular and Clinical Physiology
Klymenko Dr Tanya Lecturer in Biochemistry
Knight Chris Senior Lecturer in Jewellery and Metalwork
Kokolakakis Themistocles Reader
Kolade Professor Seun Professor of Entrepreneurship and Digital Transformation
Kom Dr Caroline Lecturer
Kordatos Dr Evangelos Senior Lecturer in Materials Engineering
Koski Dr Kaisu Associate Professor of Art and Design
Kothari Sameer Member of the Audit and Risk Committee
Koulidou Nantia Course Leader in Jewellery, Materials and Design
Kudiersky Nik Clinical Exercise Physiology Researcher
Kundu Helen Senior Lecturer
Kung Shia Ping Senior Research Fellow
Kusi-Sarpong Dr Simonov Associate Professor of Operations and Supply Chain Management
Kyriakidou Dr Marilena Senior Lecturer in Forensic Psychology,
Lacey Dr Melissa Senior Lecturer in Microbiology
Lagos Dr Konstantinos Senior Lecturer
Lahreche Sarah Student Governor
Lal Ranbir Subject Group Leader for Interior Architecture and Design
Lalanne Dr Stéphane Senior Lecturer in Law
Lally Daniel Group Director of Business, Enterprise, Skills and Employability
Lamarque Dr Muriel Lecturer in Public Health
Lamb Mr Martin Research Associate
Lambert Professor Paul Visiting Professor
Langdon Jude Senior Lecturer
Langdon Judith Lecturer In Sport Development
Langley Dr Joe Principal Research Fellow - Design Research
Lau Kent Researcher
Lau Mitch Senior Lecturer
Laughton Dr David Assistant Dean, Academic Development
Launders Jacqueline Senior Lecturer
Lawal Savena Associate Lecturer
Lawless Professor Paul Professor of Urban Policy
Lawrence Nick Lecturer in Business and Management
Laycock Professor Elizabeth Module Leader for Research Methods and Undergraduate Dissertation Module
Lazenby Michèle Senior Lecturer
Leach Adam NCIA Programme Director
Leach Rosemary Student Recruit & Industry Engage Lead
Leader Mark Senior Lecturer
Leahy Hanna Wellness Business Development Manager
Leather David Research Associate
Leaver Jackie Senior Lecturer
LeBihan Dr Jill Head of Student Engagement
Lee Jeremy Principal Lecturer in Creative Media
Lee Joanne Senior Lecturer in Graphic Design
Lee Samuel Lecturer
Legge David Senior Lecturer in Mechanical, Materials and Design Engineering
Lei Dr Ningrong Associate Professor in Systems Engineering, Course leader for MSc Advanced Engineering and Management
Leitão Roxanne Researcher
Leonard Fiona Principal Lecturer in Science Education
Lester Anna Lecturer in Law and Human Rights
Levick-Parkin Dr Melanie MFA Design Course Leader, Senior Lecturer Design
Lewis Justin Senior Lecturer Media Arts
Lewis Dr Oliver Principal Lecturer
Lewis Dr Robin Senior Lecturer
Li Kaiying Lecturer in Marketing
Li Mr Long Senior Lecturer in Dietetics
Li Dr Qinling Senior Lecturer
Li Dr Xiaohong Senior Lecturer
Liddle Doctor Anna Lecturer in Education
Lidster Dr Joanne Principal Lecturer
Liew Phaik Senior Lecturer in Construction
Lilley Dr Matt Member of the Audit and Risk Committee
Lindley Melanie Principal Lecturer
Lindley Shirley Knowledge Transfer Manager
Lindley Wayne Lecturer
Ling Dr Yuen Senior Lecturer
Linhares Dr Caroline Senior Lecturer in Accounting and Course Leader for MSc Accounting & Finance, MSc Financial Management and MSc Forensic Accounting
Liu Dr Jia Associate Professor in Behavioural Economics
Loch Dr Daniel Postdoctoral Researcher
Lockley Dr Eleanor Research Fellow
Lomas Mr David Principal Lecturer
Longbon Kim Lecturer
Lopez-Moreno Cristina Senior Lecturer
Louis Professor Anja Professor of Transnational Popular Culture
Low Dr Christopher
Lowe Dr Anna Programme Manager at the National Centre for Sport & Exercise Medicine
Lowes Helen Course Leader, Business Development Lead and Simulation Lead
Lowthian Jackie Research Associate
Ludwig Fran Lecturer
Luke Paul Course leader
Luo Dr Quanshun Senior Research Fellow
Luong Dr Anh Lecturer in International Business
Lynch Richard Senior Lecturer and Course Leader
Lynn Dr Anthony Principal Lecturer
Machaczek Dr Katarzyna Research Fellow
Machan Dr Laura Senior Lecturer in Psychology
Machin Timothy Gallery Manager
Macmillan Dr Rob Principal Research Fellow
Macqueen Peter Principal Lecturer
Madani Dr Irfan Senior Lecturer in Aerospace Engineering
Maden-Wilkinson Dr Tom Senior Research Fellow
Magowan Stephen Senior Lecturer
Majid Asif Senior Lecturer – Strategic Management, Enterprise and Innovation
Majumder Dr Deblina Postdoctoral Research Associate
Makey Laura Lecturer
Makkar Dr Sandhya Senior Lecturer-Data Analytics
Males Dr Alexandra Lecturer in Analytical Chemistry
Mallett Dr Rebecca Principal Lecturer
Mallett Ross Senior Lecturer In Physiotherapy
Mallinson Ayres Mrs Sally
Mangat Professor Pal Senior Academic and Director of the Centre for Infrastructure Management
Mann Helen Senior Lecturer
Manrique Madrid Senior Lecturer in Animation
Manterfield Tracie Lecturer in Early Childhood
Maragh Dean Senior Lecturer
Marchang Dr Jims Sr. Lecturer and Research Co-Lead of Technological and Digital Innovations to Promote Independent Lives in AWRC
Marlow University Secretary and Clerk to the Board Clair University Secretary and Clerk to the Board
Marriott Mick Senior Lecturer and Course Leader for BSc Computer Science and BSc Computer Science with AI
Marsden Claire Senior Lecturer In Community and Youth Work
Marsden Dr Rachel Senior Lecturer
Marsden-Heathcote Jo Senior Lecturer in Sport Business Management
Marsh Andrew Senior Lecturer
Marshall Alan Senior Lecturer in Social Work
Marshall Dr Alex Senior Lecturer in German
Marshall Daisy Doctoral Researcher
Marshall Julie Lecturer In Adult Nursing
Marshall Ralph Lecturer in the Department of Management
Martin Andrew Senior Lecturer in Advanced Practice
Martin Dr Emma Head Of Department Service Sector Management
Martin Helen Department of Service Sector Management
Martin Laura Senior Lecturer in Law and Criminology
Martin Richard Senior Lecturer and Course Leader for Masters in Social Work
Martin Rosie Doctoral Researcher
Mary Moore Aileen Senior Lecturer
Masango Dr Shingairai Yorkshire Accelerator Lead
Mason Dr Jessica Senior Lecturer in English Language
Mason Linda Programme Director
Masterson Shirley Senior Lecturer in Occupational Therapy
Maswera Dr Tonderai Senior Lecturer
Mather Richard Senior Lecturer and Course Leader in Digital Media Production
Matsika Cyncia Lecturer
Maucourant Dr Cyril Postdoctoral Researcher
Mawuena Dr Emmanuel Lecturer
May Dr Daryl Interim Deputy Head of Department Service Sector Management
May Stephen Reader In Physiotherapy
Mazimbe Bernadetta Associate Lecturer in International Business
Mazumdar Dr Suvodeep Lecturer in Computing
Mbondiya Rumbidzaishe Lecturer, Mental Health Nursing
McBain Thomas Lecturer
McCabe-Hogan Samantha Senior Lecturer In Paramedic Practice
McCaig Professor Colin Professor of Higher Education Policy
McCall Hannah Lecturer in Adult Nursing
McCallum Katie Senior Lecturer in Operating Department Practice, Allied Health Professionals
McCamley Alison Senior Lecturer
McCarter Richard Learning Technologist and Senior Lecturer
McCarthy Dr Lindsey Research Fellow
McCarthy Reader in Fine Art Penny Reader in Fine Art
McCormack TC Senior Lecturer in Fine Art
McCoy Shawna Principal Lecturer
McCrum Anita Lecturer
McDonald Kieran Senior Lecturer
McDonald Sarah Lecturer
McDonnell Professor Ann Emeritus Professor
McFadden Dr Emmie Course Leader BA Film Studies
McGann Rachel Lecturer In Midwifery
McGarrigle Chris Senior Lecturer Real Estate
McGrath Associate Professor Lisa Associate Professor in Educational Linguistics
McHale Dr Susan Senior Lecturer
McLean Sionnadh Reader In Physiotherapy
McManus Rachel Senior Lecturer In Social Work
McNamara Mrs Jo Senior Lecturer and Admission Tutor
McSeveny Dr Kerry Senior Lecturer, Postgraduate Research Tutor - Media, Communication & Film
Meeds Dr Beth Head of GEP Subject Group
Mekonnen Tilahun Senior Lecturer
Mellon Victoria
Mendoza Felicity Lecturer
Meneses Gutierrez Doctor Mitxy Mabel Lecturer in Postcolonial International Relations
Merchant Professor Guy Professor of Literacy in Education
Meredith Dr Michael Principal Lecturer in Software Engineering, Graphics and Multimedia
Merry Dr Oliver Senior Lecturer of Forensic Psychology
Michael Anne
Middleton Cheryl Senior Lecturer in Information Systems
Middleton Mr Ron Senior Lecturer
Mighten Edmond Principal Lecturer
Miles Dr Danielle Innovation Manager - Industry and Innovation Research Institute
Miles Dr Richard Senior Lecturer in Mathematics and Secondary Education
Miles-Berry Tanya Deputy Head of Department
Millar Robbie Researcher
Miller Dr Keith Senior Lecturer in Microbiology
Millings Professor Abigail Professor of Applied Social Psychology
Millman Dr Caroline Senior Lecturer
Mills Hayley Senior Lecturer in Physical Activity and Exercise Science
Milton Frankie Lecturer In Operating Department Practice
Miskolczi Eva Senior Lecturer
Miskolczi Eva Senior Lecturer
Mitchell Martha Student Governor
Mitchell Pauline Senior Lecturer
Mitropoulos Dr Alexandros Research Fellow in Clinical Exercise Physiology
Mohammed Walid Associate Lecturer in Economics, College of Business, Technology and Engineering
Mohanty Sanjeeb Subject Group Operations Lead and Senior Lecturer
Monkhouse Jemma Senior Lecturer in Primary and Early Years Education
Moonan Dr Clare Senior Lecturer
Moorby Graham Senior Lecturer in Journalism
Moore Dr Nicolas MA TESOL
Moore Pat Senior Lecturer in Secondary Education
Moore Dr Tria Senior Lecturer In Psychology
Moorlock Dr Emily Lecturer
Moorwood Sam Head of Worked Based Learning
Morgan Dr Jane Principal Lecturer
Morgan Michelle Senior Lecturer in Occupational Therapy
Moriarty Chris Senior Lecturer in Sport Business Management
Morley Alexandra Senior Lecturer In Physiotherapy
Morley Professor David Professor of Children’s Sport, Physical Activity & PE
Morris Dr Cecile Interim Head of Department for Service Sector Management.
Morris-Docker Sara Senior Lecturer
Morrish David Senior Fashion Academic and Student Experience Lead for Art & Design
Morrison Dr Andrew Senior Lecturer In Education
Morse Kate Assistant Dean (Global and Academic Partnerships), College of Business, Technology & Engineering
Moss Professor Conor Dean of the College of Business, Technology and Engineering and Dean of Sheffield Business School
Moss Professor Conor Dean of the College of Business, Technology and Engineering and Dean of Sheffield Business School
Mossop Professor Liz Vice-Chancellor
Mostafiz Dr Md Imtiaz Senior Lecturer
Mottram Lucy Principal Lecturer in Adult Nursing
Mountney Dr Sara Senior Lecturer, Engineering Management
Mowbray Dr Val Senior Lecturer
Moyana Tonderayi Senior Lecturer
Mudd Alexandra Lecturer in Adult Nursing
Muiz Muiz Lecturer
Mukit Dewan Muktadir-Al- Lecturer
Mulrooney Caroline Senior Lecturer
Mulroy Tim Principal Lecturer - Electronic Engineering and Department Lead for UK & International Collaborative Partnerships
Mundye Professor Charles Head of Department of Culture and Media
Munn Kat Lecturer in Occupational Therapy
Munro Ellie Research Associate
Muntyan Danielle Lecturer, BA(Hons) Fashion Management and Communication
Murphy Jane Senior Lecturer
Murphy Professor Laura Professor of Human Rights and Contemporary Slavery
Murray Cantwell Ms April Christina Research Associate
Musgrove Amy Principal Lecturer
Mvalo Dr Steve Senior Lecturer in Cyber & Computer Networks
Mwitondi Dr Kassim Senior Lecturer
Myers Dr Anna Senior Research Fellow
Myers Julia Principal Lecturer
Naidoo Dean Principal Lecturer
Naylor Hattie Lecturer in Stage and Screen
Naylor Sarah Senior Lecturer
Nekouie Dr Vahid Lecturer in Manufacturing Engineering
Nelson Mike Senior Lecturer In Property Law
Nelson Peter Principal Lecturer
Newman Dr James Senior Lecturer in Sport and Exercise Psychology
Newman Joanna Associate Lecturer and Doctoral Researcher
Newton Emily Lecturer in Sport and Physical Activity
Newton Dr Jillian Commercial Researcher
Newton Dr Kirsti Senior Lecturer
Newton Lewis Lecturer
Nichol Dr Tim Senior Lecturer in Biological Sciences
Nicholls Karen Principal Lecturer
Nicholls Simon Senior Lecturer in French and Catalan Studies
Nield Lucie Senior Lecturer in Nutrition, Food & Nutrition; Co-lead for Transforming Places for Health and Wellbeing research theme, Advanced Wellbeing Research Centre
Nightingale Professor Julie Professor of Diagnostic Imaging Education; Head of Research for the Dept of Allied Health Professions
Niven Deb Senior Lecturer English in Education
Noble Liz
Nolan Ray Senior Lecturer / Researcher
Norman Mark Senior Lecturer In Event Management
Norman Vicky Senior Lecturer in Sport Business Management
Norton Ann Assistant Dean (Business and Enterprise), College of Business, Technology & Engineering.
Nutting Charlotte Senior Lecturer in Learning Disability Nursing and Social Work
Nutting Charlotte Senior Lecturer in Learning Disability Nursing and Social Work
Nyarko Nana Senior Lecturer - Events Management
O'Brien Dr Rachel Senior Lecturer
O'Brien Sinead Specialist Visiting Lecturer
O'Brien Sue Head of the Sheffield Institute of Education
O'Dor Dr Jules Subject Group Leader - Strategic Management, Enterprise & Organisational Change
O'Dubhghaill Dr Cóilín Senior Research Fellow
Offiler Dr Ben Lecturer in History
O'Flaherty Professor Fin Principal Consultant
Ogharanduku Dr Bridget Senior Lecturer
Oh Dr Miyoung Senior Lecturer
Ohlsen Sally Senior Lecturer
Ojedokun Dr Olalekan Researcher
Oldfield Dr Joanne Senior Lecturer in Urban Planning
O'Leary Dr Christine Principal Lecturer And Subject Group Leader For Languages And Cultures Subject Area
Oliver Charlotte Doctoral Researcher
Olusoga Dr Peter Senior Lecturer
Omar Dr Paul Visiting Professor
Omara Dr Walid Lecturer in Microbiology
O'Neill Dr Peter Senior Lecturer in Software Engineering, Graphics and Multimedia
Onyia Janet Governor Apprentice and External Co-Opted Member of the Finance and Employment Committee
O'Reilly Dr Declan Senior Lecturer
Orekoya Dr Ibrahim Lecturer
Orpin Joy Post Doctoral Researcher
O'Shea Simon Senior Lecturer in Physiotherapy
Otebolaku Dr Abayomi Senior Lecturer
Otter Bridget Lecturer in Social Work
Oudshoorn Bodil PhD Student
Oudshoorn Bodil PhD student
Owen Professor David Emeritus Professor
Owen Geraint Senior Lecturer In Youth and Communication Studies
Owens Doctor Martin Senior Lecturer in International Business
Owolade Dr Femi Research Associate
Oyebowale Dr Adeola Lecturer in Finance and Risk Management
Özcan Dr Mehmet Senior Lecturer in Software Engineering, Graphics and Multimedia
Pagdin Mr. Ian Senior Lecturer in Banking, Risk Management, Investment and Wealth management
Painter Jo Senior Lecturer in Mental Health Nursing
Painter Dr Jon Senior Lecturer in Mental Health
Pakgohar Dr Alireza Senior Lecturer In Business Operations And Systems
Palmer Dr Nicola Head of Doctoral Training
Pandey Dr Madhumita Senior Lecturer in Criminology and Internationalisation Lead
Papavasileiou Dr Georgios Principal Lecturer - Subject Group Leader for ‘Energy, Infrastructure and Environment’
Parikh Dr Vishal Jayendra Principal Lecturer in Information Systems and Data Management
Park Dr Jihyun Associate Lecturer
Parker Ali Research and Innovation Senior Administrator
Parker Tim Senior Lecturer Logistics, Supply Chain and Operations Management
Parkes Dr Stephen Senior Research Fellow, Centre for Regional Economic & Social Research (CRESR)
Parkes-Nield Sophie Associate Lecturer in Creative Writing
Parkin Helen Senior Lecturer in Research Evaluation and Student Engagement
Parkin Dr. Jacqueline Deputy Head of Department
Parkin Matt Staff Member of the Board of Governors
Parkinson Professor John CENTRIC
Parr Dr Sadie Senior Research Fellow and Post-Graduate Research Tutor
Parry Dr Paul Subject Group Leader for Applied Computing
Partridge Benjamin Doctoral Researcher
Partridge Rebecca Design Researcher
Partridge Dr Simon Research Associate
Pastuch Gillian Senior Lecturer
Paterson Dr Craig Principal Lecturer
Patmore Beth Senior Lecturer
Patnick Professor Julietta Member of the Finance and Employment Committee, Chair of the Academic Assurance Committee
Patrick Emily Physiotherapy Lecturer, Admissions Tutor and Academic Advisor
Pattison Dr Ben Research Fellow
Paxman Jenny Principal Lecturer in Nutrition, Subject Group Leader for Food and Nutrition
Payne Chris Senior Lecturer
Payne Dr Tom Senior Lecturer, Course Leader BA (Hons) Acting & Performance
Peake Dr Nicholas Senior Lecturer in Biomedical Sciences
Peake Dr Rebecca Associate Dean, Global & Academic Partnerships (College of Social Sciences & Arts)
Pearce Dr Jo Senior Lecturer in Nutrition
Pearse Professor Sally Strategic Lead for Early Years and Director of the Early Years Community Research Centre
Pearson Sarah Professor of Social Research
Peat Professor George Director of the Centre for Applied Health & Social Care Research (CARe) & Professor of Clinical Epidemiology
Peck Simon Senior Lecturer in Professional Practice in Supply Chain Leadership
Peckover Dr Sue Reader
Pedata Doctor Laura Lecturer in Environmental Architecture
Pedley Charlotte Senior Lecturer in Physiotherapy
Penitente Doctor Gabriella Senior Lecturer in Sport and Exercise Biomechanics
Penrose Punnett Olivia (Liv) Lecturer in Fine Art
Peplow Dr David Senior Lecturer in English Language
Peralta Dr Carlos Senior Lecturer
Perera Professor Terrence Professor of Computer Simulation
Periola Dr Ololade Associate Lecturer
Peroni Dr. Lourdes Senior Lecturer
Perry Professor Emily Head of Sheffield Institute of Education Centre for Research and Knowledge Exchange
Petters Dr Dean Senior Lecturer in Psychology
Phelan Ivan Principal Research Fellow
Phillips Jake Reader in Criminology
Phillips Mark Course Leader
Phoenix Fiona Interim Deputy Head of Department, Academy of Sport and Physical Activity
Pickering Nathaniel Lecturer Research Evaluation and Student Engagement
Pickett Nicholas Subject Group Leader for Mechanical, Materials and Design
Piercy Dr Hilary Associate Professor
Pine Brian Senior Lecturer
Piper Dr Anna Senior Lecturer
Platts Dr Chris Course Leader in Sport Coaching
Platts Katharine Research Associate
Plumley Dr. Dan Senior Lecturer in Sport Finance
Pluquailec Dr Jill Senior Lecturer in Autism
Pollard Andy Course Leader for MA Arts and Cultural Management and Senior Lecturer
Pollard Lee Course Leader, BA Social Work
Pollard Nick Senior Lecturer
Pollock Dr Ed Principal Lecturer, Deputy Head of Policing and Probation
Polovina Dr Simon Associate Lecturer
Polyakova Dr Olga Principal Lecturer and Strategic Projects Lead
Pomfret Associate Professor Gill Associate Professor in Tourism
Porritt Dr Jenny Senior Lecturer
Porter Dr Ros Senior Lecturer in Mathematics
Potter Ruth Lecturer
Potts Alan Senior Lecturer
Potts Dr Jonathan Senior Lecturer and Course Leader of the BSc (Hons) Product Design Engineering
Pountney Dr Richard Principal Lecturer - Curriculum Development and E-Learning Lead Teacher Education
Pountney Vicki Senior Lecturer in Education
Pournouri Dr Sina Lecturer in Cyber Security
Povey Professor Hilary Professor in Mathematics Education
Povey Larissa Lecturer in Criminal Policy
Power Nicola Senior Lecturer
Pranggono Dr Bernardi Senior Lecturer in Computer Network Engineering
Pratama Dr Satrya Fajri Lecturer
Price Gareth Senior Lecturer
Prigmore Doctor Martyn Senior Lecturer
Prince Alex Head of Knowledge Exchange and Innovation
Princivalle Dr Alessandra Senior Lecturer Pharmacology
Pritchard Einir
Probst Professor Heidi Director of the Health Research Institute, Researcher and lecturer
Procter Paula Emeritus Professor in Nursing Informatics
Prowse Prof Peter Professor Of Human Resource Management And Employment Relations
Pullen Charlynne Principal Research Fellow
Purandare Dr Yashodhan Research Fellow
Purvis Dr Alison Associate Dean, Teaching and Learning
Quayle Dr Lewis Senior Lecturer in Data Science and Analytics
Quirk Helen Researcher in Exercise Psychology
Rahim Dr Sana Lecturer
Rainbow Dr Jennifer Senior Lecturer in Criminology
Rainsford Professor Kim Emeritus Professor of Biomedical Sciences
Ramchandani, Professor Girish Professor of Applied Sport Management
Ramsbottom Dr Olivia Senior Lecturer - Strategic Management
Ranchordas Professor Mayur Head of University Research Ethics and Professor of Applied Human Nutrition for Sport and Exercise
Rashad Rizwana Senior Lecturer
Ratcliffe Dr John Researcher
Rawding Sarah Senior Lecturer In Early Years
Rawlins Nicola Group Director of Recruitment, Communications & Marketing
Rawsthorne Andrew Senior Lecturer
Razaghi Dr Hajar (Helga) Senior Lecturer
Reader Dr William Senior Lecturer
Reale Dr Sophie Behavioural Science Research Fellow
Reaney-Wood Sarah Research Fellow
Reardon Helen Lecturer in Real Estate (Planning and Development)
Reasbeck Dawn Senior Lecturer
Redhead Andrea Deputy Head of Technology and Development
Redman Dr Jamie Research Associate
Redman Dr Judy Principal Lecturer
Reed Heath
Reeve Hester Reader in Fine Art
Reeve Dr Kesia Principal Research Fellow
Rehman Naheeda Children's Nursing Lecturer
Reid Alan Senior Lecturer In Law
Reidy Emeritus Professor John Lecturer in Psychology
Reidy Dr Lisa Principal Lecturer
Reka Dr Shqiperim Senior Lecturer and Undergraduate Course Leader
Rempe-Gillen Dr Emma Senior Lecturer
Revill Ms Jayne Principal Lecturer
Reynolds Dr David Senior Lecturer In Cognitive Psychology
Rezai Dr Mohammad Senior Lecturer in Business Computing, International Student Coordinator for the college and Link Tutor
Rhodes Caroline Senior Lecturer, Art Psychotherapy
Rice Marion Senior Lecturer (Mental Health)
Richards Emma Senior Lecturer In Physiotherapy
Rickett Dr Bridgette Head of Psychology, Sociology and Politics
Ridge James Associate lecturer & PhD researcher
Ridgway Professor Keith Member of the Academic Assurance Committee
Ridley David Senior Lecturer
Riley Christopher Principal Lecturer in Law and Head of Clinical Provision
Riley Laura Senior Lecturer Criminal Justice
Roast Dr Christopher Reader
Roberts Dr Martin
Roberts Matthew Associate Professor
Robertson Frances Senior Lecturer in Architecture
Robertson Dr Nicole Associate Professor
Robertson Ophelie
Robinson Alex Lecturer
Robinson Andrew Senior Lecturer in Film and Photography
Robinson Anne Principal Lecturer
Robinson Dr Mike Principal Lecturer in Mathematics, Course Leader BSc Maths (Joint), LTA Department Lead (Joint)
Robinson Sonya Senior Lecturer BA (Hons) Photography
Robinson Tim Lecturer
Robson Joanne Senior Lecturer
Robson John Senior Lecturer in Design and Technology Education
Roche-Jacques Dr Shelley Senior Lecturer in Creative Writing
Rochnia Nicola Senior Lecturer
Roddis Professor Jim Professor of Design, Emeritus Professor
Roder Dr Knut Senior Lecturer In Politics
Rodger Helen Senior Lecturer
Rodgers Chloe Graduate Teaching Assistant
Rodgers Dr Diane Senior Lecturer
Rodgers Zoe Associate Lecturer
Rodriguez-Amat Dr Joan Principal Lecturer, Department Research and Innovation Lead
Roe Julie Project Co-ordinator of Design Futures and Lab4Living
Rogerson David Sport Nutritionist/Strength Conditioning
Rosbottom Keeley Senior Lecturer
Rose Dr John Senior Lecturer in Environmental Management
Rowlett Dr Peter Reader in Higher Education Mathematics Teaching and Learning
Rowley Charlotte Senior Lecturer
Roxan Adrian Senior Lecturer in Media and Public Relations
Rucklidge Joanna Senior Lecturer in Illustration & Graphic Design
Ruddock Dr Alan Lecturer of the Physiology of Sport and Exercise
Rudkin Anna Senior Lecturer In Law
Rundle Dr Rachel
Rutgers Dr Dee Research Fellow
Rutt Timothy Senior Lecturer
Saad Professor Sameh Chair in Enterprise Modelling and Management
Saatchi Professor Reza Professor of Electronics (Medical Engineering)
Sabiston James Senior Lecturer
Saedi Dr Mohammad Senior Lecturer in Computing
Sage Professor Karen Professor for Allied Health Professions (Research)
Sahadev Sunil Professor of Marketing and Responsible Enterprise
Salama Dr Abdussalam Lecturer Cyber Security and Computer Networks
Salih Ifrah Senior Lecturer in Academic Development and Diversity
Salmon Alison Midwifery Lecturer
Sammon Professor Chris Professor of Polymer Science
Sanchez-Arce Dr Ana Maria Reader in English
Sanderson Craig Doctoral Researcher and Demonstrator
Sanderson Elizabeth Senior Research Fellow
Saunders Jonathan Researcher (Serious Games Developer)
Saunders Lesley Principal Lecturer
Scaife Robert Senior Sport Science Officer
Scanlon Dr Elizabeth Researcher Training and Development Manager
Schenkel Dr Torsten Associate Professor of Continuum Mechanics
Schofield Professor Patricia Professor of Pain & Ageing
Schofield Prof Peter Professor of Tourism and Services Management
Scholey Dr Jonathan Senior Lecturer in Mechanical Engineering
Scholfield Victoria Midwifery Lecturer
Schwartz-Narbonne Dr Rachel Senior Lecturer in Environmental Chemistry
Schwarz Professor Toni Dean for the College of Health Wellbeing and Life Sciences
Schwarz Professor Toni Dean for the College of Health Wellbeing and Life Sciences
Scope Dr Alison Research Fellow
Scott Geraldine Senior Lecturer In Physiotherapy
Scott Professor Helen Pro Vice-Chancellor (Learning, Teaching and Student Success)
Scrimshire Dr Alex Research Associate
Searby Giles Deputy Chair of the Board of Governors and Member of the Finance and Employment Committee
Sehgal Neha Senior Lecturer
Semper Dr Heather Senior Lecturer in Health Psychology
Senior Terry Principal Research Fellow
Serbera Dr Jean-Philippe Senior Lecturer Banking And Financial Markets
Serbescu Dr Andreea Senior Lecturer in Built Environment
Sevens Trudy Principal Lecturer
Sexton Julia Senior Lecturer
Shadija Dharam Head of Department of Computing
Shafizadeh Co-course Leader in Applied Sport and Exercise Science (MSc), Dr Mohsen Senior Lecturer
Shami Muntasir Lecturer - International Business
Sharma Dr Hemlata Lecturer in Digital Analytics and Technology
Sharma Dr Hemlata Senior Lecturer in Digital Analytics and Technology
Sharma Dr Pratikshya Lecturer
Sharma Dr Shweta Lecturer
Sharpe Dr Diana Senior Lecturer In International Business
Sharpe Ian
Sharpe Dr Rebecca Senior Lecturer in Geography
Shearn Doctor Katie Researcher
Sheehan Dr Helen Senior Lecturer
Shenfield Professor Alex Professor of Machine Learning
Shepherd Adam Senior Lecturer in Creative Media
Shepherd Professor David Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic)
Shetty Dr Parinita Researcher
Shibli Professor Simon Professor of Sport Management and Head of Centre
Shin Dr Chi-Yun Principal Lecturer, Film Studies
Shpanin Dr. Leon Senior Lecturer, Electronic and Electrical engineering.
Shute Liz
Shuttleworth Rick PhD Student
Sidorovitch Dr Anna Lecturer in TESOL Teacher Education
Sigala Professor Marianna Professor of Digital Transformation & Tourism
Sihra Dr Tarsem Senior Lecturer and Course Leader - Automotive Design Technology in Mechanical, Materials and Design Engineering
Simcox Chris Physiotherapy Lecturer
Simkins Professor Tim Emeritus Professor
Simmonds Gary Senior Lecturer and Course Leader
Singh Dr Pallavi Senior Lecturer In Marketing
Singh Yogang Lecturer in Automation, Control and Systems Engineering
Sissons Neil Senior Lecturer In Performance
Skilbeck Dr Julie Senior Lecturer in Nursing
Skof Mirjam Research Assistant
Slater Susan Senior Lecturer
Slater Dr. Tig Reader in Queer Disability Studies and Education
Smallwood Rob Senior lecturer (Policing)
Smart Caroline Principal Lecturer
Smith Professor Alan Emeritus Professor
Smith Catherine Lecturer in Construction Project Management
Smith Dr Christine Interim Associate Dean Business & Enterprise, Health Wellbeing & Life Sciences
Smith David Senior Lecturer
Smith Professor David Professor of Bioscience Education / Head of Research - Bioscience and Chemistry Department
Smith Emma Research and Innovation Officer
Smith Holly Lecturer in Fashion Design
Smith Professor Joanna Professor of Nursing in Child Health
Smith Martin Senior Lecturer in Journalism
Smith Dr Robin Senior Lecturer in Physics
Smith Dr Rose Research Fellow
Smith Senior Lecturer Sarah Senior Lecturer
Smith Dr Sarah Doctoral School Manager
Smith Dr Sarah Kate Research Fellow
Smith Professor Tom Professor of Microbiology
Smith Tony Senior Lecturer In Professional and Organisational Development
Smith Victoria Lecturer in Nursing
Smith Maguire Professor Jennifer Associate Dean for Research and Innovation, College of Business, Technology and Engineering
Smithson Jennifer Mental Health Nursing Lecturer
Snook Jereme Senior Lecturer
Snowdon Nicky Senior Lecturer in Physiotherapy
Soltani Professor Hora Professor in Maternal and Infant Health
Somangurthi Anuradha Lecturer
Sorsby Anna
Soula Noemie Design Researcher
Soulioti Dr Dimitra Lecturer in Materials Engineering
South Louise Research Institute Manager
Southern Dr Neil Senior Lecturer
Spackman Dr Lynne Senior Lecturer
Spall Aron Senior Lecturer in Media, Arts and Communications
Speake Dr Elizabeth Research Associate
Speidel Dr Suzanne Principal Lecturer
Spence Dr Kevin Senior Lecturer in Water Engineering, Environmental Science and Physical Geography
Spence Senior Lecturer Peter Senior Lecturer in Film and TV
Spence Ralph Associate Lecturer
Spencer Dr Rachael Deputy Head of Department, Nursing and Midwifery
Spencer Theresa External Co-opted Committee Member of the Audit and Risk Committee
Spencer Dr Tim Research Fellow
Stacey Jane Senior Lecturer
Stafford Dr Prachi Senior Lecturer in Biological Sciences
Stallard Jacky Senior Lecturer in Business Computing
Stanford Dean
Staniforth Lisa Senior Lecturer in Psychology
Staniland Claire Principal Lecturer Employer Led Provision, HWLS: Higher Technical Qualifications (HTQs) and Apprenticeships
Stanley Dr Karen Principal Lecturer
Stanton Andy Creative and Technical Design Researcher
Stanton Marie
Starkey Maurice Senior Lecturer in International Business and Business Economics
Stead Gary Senior Lecturer
Steckles Dr Katie Lecturer
Stefansdottir Dr Katrin Senior Lecturer
Stephens Lucy Senior Lecturer
Stephenson Carrie Senior Lecturer
Stephenson Jane Lecturer in Midwifery
Sterianou Dr Iasmi Senior Lecturer in Materials Engineering
Stevens Anna Research Fellow
Stevens Dr Fraser Lecturer in Performance, Course Leader for the Foundation Year in Humanities
Stevens Robert Senior Lecturer in Geography and Planning
Stibbe Professor Matthew Professor of Modern European History
Stirling Dr Eve Principal Lecturer Design, Subject Group Leader Post Graduate and Fine Art
Stockton Julia Simulation Lecturer
Stokes Associate Professor Paul Associate Professor of Coaching & Mentoring
Stone Associate Professor Joseph Associate Professor of Skill Acquisition and Performance Analysis
Stone Rachel Senior Lecturer
Stoneystreet Kendal Associate Lecturer in Criminology and Sociology
Storey Fiona Senior Lecturer, Teacher Education
Storey Ryan Research Assistant
Storrar Associate Professor Robert Associate Professor of Glacial Geomorphology
Stratford Dr Helen Senior Lecturer in Architecture
Strong Professor Peter Professor of Biomedical Sciences
Stubbins Kerry Lecturer
Subramanian Alison Senior lecturer in advanced clinical practice
Subryan Dr Andrea Senior Lecturer
Suckley Dr Louise Senior Lecturer, Chartered Manager Degree Apprenticeship
Summers Dean Course Leader for BA (Hons) and MArt Film and Media Production
Swallow Mr Mark Senior Lecturer in Construction Project Management
Swallow Professor Veronica Professor of Child & Family & Nursing & Healthcare
Swift Dr Graham MSc Course Leader
Swoffer Dr Sophie Lecturer in Acting and Performance
Tajeddini Kayhan Professor of Hospitality Strategic Management
Tan Dr Michael Associate Professor
Tang Dr Gabriel Senior Lecturer in Architecture
Tang Dr Ning Senior Lecturer In Sociology
Tarlo Professor Harriet Professor of Ecopoetry and Poetics
Taroyan Dr Naira Senior Lecturer in Psychology
Tarr Ms. Sukey Senior Lecturer
Tattersall Jane Principal Lecturer, Subject Group Leader Events Management
Tatton Dr Sarah Lecturer in Criminology
Taylor Professor Antony Professor of Modern British History
Taylor Professor Carol Professor of Gender and Higher Education
Taylor Claire
Taylor Deanna Lecturer
Taylor Emma Senior Lecturer
Taylor Kevin Lecturer
Taylor Emeritus Professor Peter Emeritus Professor
Taylor Dr Roberta Senior Lecturer in English and Education Studies
Taylor Dr Sophie Senior Lecturer
Telling Dr Richard Principal Lecturer in Tourism and Hospitality Management
Template Template Template
Ternan Melvyn Senior Lecturer
Thatcher Celeste Senior Lecturer
Thelwell Dr Michael Research Fellow
Thesen Thomas Senior Lecturer
Thirlaway Vicky Student Experience Lead for the Department of Law and Criminology
Thomas Ben Associate Lecturer
Thomas Chantelle Lecturer in Midwifery
Thomas Greg Senior Lecturer Mental Health Nursing
Thomas Dr Peter Senior Lecturer
Thompson Gillian Senior Lecturer
Thompson Helen Senior Lecturer
Thompson Dr Mark Recruitment Lead (Dept. of Engineering & Maths)
Thompson Penny Chair of the Remuneration Committee and Deputy Chair of the Governance and Nominations Committee
Thompson Steve Senior Lecturer
Thoral Dr Marie-Cecile Senior Lecturer in Modern European History
Thorneloe Dr Rachael Senior Research Fellow
Thornley Paul Senior Lecturer
Tietze Professor Susanne Professor of Multilingual Management
Tipi Dr Lucian Head of Teaching and Learning Enhancement, College of Business, Technology and Engineering
Tipper Dr David Lecturer in Mechanical, Materials and Design Engineering
Tittagala Dr Sunil Senior Lecturer in Mechanical Engineering
Titterton Jamie Lecturer, BA (Hons) Graphic Design
Tofte Emerald Senior Research and Innovation Administrator
Toleikyte Dr Gabija Lecturer in Psychology
Tomalin Jo Senior Lecturer
Toor Professor Sunita Head of Human Rights and Social Justice
Townley Mark Lecturer
Tran Dr. William T. Senior Research Fellow, Radiotherapy and Oncology
Traynor Vincent Senior Lecturer & MSc Course Leader
Traynor Vincent Principal Lecturer at Sheffield Business School
Tresidder Richard Senior Lecturer
Tresidder Dr. Richard Reader in Hospitality Studies
Trifonova Price Dr Lada Senior Lecturer in Journalism
Truelove Dr Lynne Senior Lecturer In Early Years
Tuladhar Meekha Associate Lecturer
Turega Dr Simon Senior Lecturer in Organic Chemistry
Turnbull Orla Research Assistant
Turner Associate Professor James Associate Professor and Subject Group Lead Mental Health Nursing
Turner Dr Louise Senior Lecturer
Turner Natalie Packaging Innovation Researcher
Turner Paddy Senior Lecturer
Twells Dr Alison Professor of Social and Cultural History
Twiselton Samantha Director of Sheffield Institute of Education
Tziamalis Dr Alexander Senior Lecturer
Udall Dr Julia Senior Lecturer in Architecture
Udofa Dr Kingsley Lecturer in Law
Ul Hasan Dr Najam Senior Lecturer
Urquhart Dr Simon Senior Lecturer in Future Transportation
Urquhart-Kelly Tanya Senior Lecturer Child Nursing
Vackova Petra Researcher
Vaishnav Dr Shuchi Postdoctoral Researcher
Vallance Rachel Senior Lecturer of Interior Design
van Gelder Linda PhD Researcher
Veeren Anthony Lecturer in Mental Health Nursing
Verdon Professor Nicola Professor of Modern British History
Vernon Timothy Senior Research Fellow
Vernon-Parry Dr Karen Department Quality Lead
Vernon-Way Michelle Course Leader in MSc/PGD Advanced Sport Coaching Practice
Verrier Dr Diarmuid Senior Lecturer in Psychology
Villarroel-Williams Nazmy Lecturer in Global Public Health
Vinanzi Dr Samuele Senior Lecturer in Robotics and Artificial Intelligence
Viswanathan Dr Harish Lecturer in Mechanical Engineering
Vodicka Dr Goran Senior Lecturer in Architecture
Waddington Nick Studio Manager
Wain Ms Heather Head of Academic Development, Department of Teacher Education
Wainwright Dr Jonathan Principal Lecturer
Wakefield Susan Head of Department Nursing and Midwifery
Wakeford Holder Dr Anna Senior Lecturer in Architecture
Walker Anthony Senior Lecturer
Walker John Senior Lecturer
Walker Patrick Senior Lecturer
Wall Claire Senior Lecturer in Nutrition
Walsh Claire Principal Lecturer and Academic Delivery Manager
Wang Doctor Jing Lecturer
Wang Dr Yuan Senior Lecturer in Economics
Wang Dr Ziqing (Vicky) Lecturer in Economics
Wang-Cowham Dr Cindy
Ward Dr Katie Senior Lecturer In Psychology
Ward Sarah Research and Innovation Officer
Warren Kathryn Senior Lecturer In Advanced Practice
Waterhouse Jennifer Senior Lecturer in Law, Course Leader, LLM in Legal Professional Practice
Watkinson Richard
Watson Aileen Senior Lecturer in Criminology
Watson Mr Andrew Senior Research Fellow
Watts Jo Senior Lecturer
Watts Dr Jo Senior Lecturer and Principle of Responsible Management Academic Lead
Waudby Carolyn Senior Lecturer
Webb Dr Jonathan Principal Research Fellow
Webb Neil Senior Lecturer in Sound Design
Webster Joanne Senior Lecturer
Wells Alison Group Director of Student and Academic Services
Wells Professor Peter Professor of Public Policy Analysis and Evaluation
West Dr Amanda Head of the Academy of Sport and Physical Activity
West Richard Lecturer in mental health nursing
Westaby Dr Chalen Senior Lecturer In Law
Westerman Julie Senior Lecturer
Weston Dr Peter Senior Lecturer
Westwood Caroline Senior Lecturer
Whalley Dr Peter Senior Lecturer - Tourism Management
Wheat Professor Jon Associate Dean, Research and Innovation, College of Health, Wellbeing and Life Sciences
Wheeler Gemma Design Researcher
White Abigail Senior Lecturer
White Dr Nick Senior Lecturer In Adult Nursing
White Rebecca Graduate Teaching Assistant - Politics and Sociology
White Reader in Human Geography Richard Reader in Human Geography
Whitehead Jennifer
Whitehead Dr Kirsten Associate Lecturer
Whitehead Dr Louise Course Leader, BA (Hons) Social Work
Whiteside Ian
Whiteside Pamela Senior Lecturer
Whitfield Dr Kate Senior Lecturer in Forensic Psychology
Wichert Patrick Deputy Head Postgraduate and Fine Art
Wigelsworth Dr Amy Senior Lecturer
Wigfield Professor Andrea Director of Centre for Loneliness Studies
Wigginton Professor Chris Pro Vice-Chancellor (Global and Academic Partnerships)
Wigman Stefanie Senior Lecturer In Psychology
Wilcockson Dr Holly Research Associate
Wild Sarah Research Institute Manager
Wilde Matt Senior Lecturer - Public Health Nursing
Wilding Dr Martin Post-doctoral research associate
Wilkinson Victoria Senior Lecturer
Willett Rebecca Senior Lecturer and Course Leader in Journalism, PR with Media
Williams Luke Lecturer in Sport Business Management
Williams Sarah Senior Lecturer
Willis Ben Research Fellow
Willox Matt
Wilmot Natalie Senior Lecturer
Wilson Andrew Principal Lecturer
Wilson Christopher Senior Lecturer
Wilson Dr Darryl College Postgraduate Recruitment Lead, Principal Lecturer Sport Business Management
Wilson David Course Leader in Creative Media
Wilson Ian CRESR Deputy Director and Professor of Policy Research and Evaluation
Wilson Josie Principal Lecturer
Wilson Professor Keith Research Professor of Sculpture
Wilson Kelly Head of Area: Policing and Probation, Principal Lecturer
Wilson Libby Chief Operating Officer
Wilson Linda Placement Tutor
Wilson Micah Senior lecturer in Building Surveying
Wilson Dr Richard Senior Lecturer
Wilson Dr Rob Head of Department; Finance, Accounting & Business Systems
Win Dr. Sandar Deputy Head of Department
Winfield Joanne Senior Lecturer
Winwood Bridget Principal Lecturer
Witherley Dawn Research Culture Manager
Witherstone Dr Hannah Senior Lecturer in Developmental Psychology
Wolstenholme Dr Claire Research Fellow
Wolstenholme Dr Rosalind Senior Lecturer In Analytical Science
Wood Jonathan Senior Lecturer in Graphic Design
Woodason Dr Dan Course Leader and Senior Lecturer
Woodcock Rachael
Woodhead Dr Roy Senior Lecturer in Digital Innovation
Woodhouse Dr Donna Senior Lecturer
Woodhouse Dr Drew Senior Lecturer in Economics
Woodroofe Professor Emerita Nicola Professor Emerita
Woods John Senior Lecturer
Woolley Mrs Lisa Lecturer in Law
Woolsey Dr Ian Senior Lecturer In Sociology
Wren Dr David
Wren John Senior Lecturer
Wrigglesworth John Principal Lecturer
Wright Jane Research Institute Manager
Wright Ron Senior Lecturer in Sound
Wulfert Dr Florian Senior Lecturer
Wyton Dr Paul
Yao Dr Liming Senior Lecturer
Yaqub Mohammed Senior Lecturer
Yassaie Dr Rammina Senior Lecturer in Clinical Leadership
Young Gordon Principal Lecturer in Design, Regional and Global Engagement Lead
Young Dr Jamie Specialist Innovation Manager - Advanced Wellbeing Research Centre
Young Oliver Senior Lecturer
Young Dr Rachel Senior Research Fellow
Young Tricia Senior Lecturer
Yoxall Dr Alaster Principal Research Fellow in Human Centered Engineering
Ypsilanti Dr Antonia Associate Professor in Cognitive Psychology/Psychobiology, Chair of Taught Programs Research Ethics, College of Social Sciences and Arts
Zargari Dr Shahrzad Senior Lecturer in Computer Systems and Networks; Course Leader in Cyber Security with Forensics
Zellweger Professor Christoph Professor of Art and Design
Zhang Dr Hantian Senior Lecturer in Media
Zhang Dr Hongwei Deputy Head of the National Centre of Excellence for Food Engineering
Zheng Lucy Professor Of International Business Management
Zhu Hongjuan Researcher in the Sheffield Institute of Education
Zolkeply Mohd Syafiq Senior Lecturer
Zolubak Anna Lecturer in Psychology

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