Ronak Janani

Dr Ronak Janani BEng, PhD

Research Fellow


I completed my PhD focused on sol-gel chemistry and energy storage in 2019 at Sheffield Hallam University. With the use of my background in sol-gel chemistry, I entered the field of biomaterials with a focus on bioactive glass ceramics for healthcare applications. I later joined the iPSpine consortium to contribute to the development of smart biomaterials as part of a non-invasive therapy for disc degeneration.

Over the years, I also took part in several Innovate UK and UKRI projects (such as EnviroAsh, Enviroglass 2 and GRIFFIN) helping to address some of the challenges faced by UK’s Foundation Industries. In 2022, I became PI for the HiT OFCs project which aimed to advance the TRL of a developing gas-Raman instrument designed for emission monitoring in several UK Foundation Industries.


College of Business, Technology and Engineering


Current research projects / activities

High Temperature Optical Fibre Coatings for Next Generation Gas Emission Monitoring (HiT OFCs)
Use of Raman Microscopy to Study Airborne Silica
Sheffield Innovation Programme


Key Publications

Janani, R., Le Maitre, C.C., & Sammon, C. (2022). Incorporation of laponite®-pnipam hydrogel into bioactive glass scaffolds for bone regeneration [abstract only]. Tissue Engineering Part A, 28 (S1), S348-S349.

Janani, R. (2019). Synthesis and characterisation of sol-gel based ionogels as electrolyte forsupercapacitors. (Doctoral thesis). Supervised by Farmilo, N.

Journal articles

Williams, R.J., Basatvat, S., Schmitz, T.C., Janani, R., Sammon, C., Benz, K., ... Le Maitre, C. (2024). Potential of Notochordal Cells within Injectable Biomaterials to Promote Intervertebral Disc Regeneration. European Cells and Materials, 47, 30-50.

Jansen, J.U., Teixeira, G.Q., Williams, R., Janani, R., Sammon, C., Maitre, C.L., ... Wilke, H.J. (2023). Hydrogels stay in the disc even with dynamic loading simulating daily activities after needle injection. An in vitro experiment [abstract only]. Brain and Spine, 3.

Janani, R., Majumder, D., Scrimshire, A., Stone, A., Wakelin, E., Jones, A.H., ... Bingham, P. (2023). From acrylates to silicones: A review of common optical fibre coatings used for normal to harsh environments. Progress in Organic Coatings, 180.

Snuggs, J.W., Emanuel, K.S., Rustenburg, C., Janani, R., Partridge, S., Sammon, C., ... Le Maitre, C.L. (2023). Injectable biomaterial induces regeneration of the intervertebral disc in a caprine loaded disc culture model †. Biomaterials Science.

Deng, W., Backhouse, D.J., Kabir Kazi, F., Janani, R., Holcroft, C., Magallanes, M., ... Bingham, P.A. (2023). Alternative raw material research for decarbonization of UK glass manufacture. International Journal of Applied Glass Science.

Janani, R., Deng, W., Backhouse, D.J., Kabir-Kazi, F., Wie-Addo, G., Jones, A.H., ... Bingham, P. (2022). Paving the way to Net Zero by repurposing waste. Glass International, 45 (1), 39-43.

Boyes, V.L., Janani, R., Partridge, S., Fielding, L.A., Breen, C., Foulkes, J., ... Sammon, C. (2021). One-pot precipitation polymerisation strategy for tuneable injectable Laponite®-pNIPAM hydrogels: Polymerisation, processability and beyond. Polymer, 233, 124201.

Janani, R., Farmilo, N., Roberts, A., & Sammon, C. (2021). Sol-gel synthesis pathway and electrochemical performance of ionogels: A deeper look into the importance of alkoxysilane precursor. Journal of Non-Crystalline Solids, 569, 120971.

Deng, W., Backhouse, D.J., Kabir, F., Janani, R., Bigharaz, M., Wardlow, A., ... Bingham, P. (2019). An ancient technology could help deliver decarbonisation. Glass International, 42 (7), 47-49.

Janani, R., Mader, K., Roberts, A.J., Farmilo, N., & Sammon, C. (2018). Fast-cure ionogel electrolytes with improved ion transport kinetics at room temperature. Journal of Power Sources, 406, 141-150.

Janani, R., Ong, B.H., Huang, N.M., Bashardoust, S., Gan, J.K., & Mortazavi, E. (2014). Formation of chemically synthesised manganese oxide nanostructures with various morphologies. Materials Research Innovations, 18 (sup6).

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