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Dr Ronak Janani

Research Associate


Ronak started her PhD at SHU in 2014 in the field of sol-gel chemistry and energy storage. Her PhD was focused on sol-gel fabrication of ionogel electrolytes for double-layer supercapacitors. Following her PhD, Ronak used her background in sol-gel chemistry to enter the field of biomaterials by researching into bioactive glass ceramics for healthcare applications. She is currently part of the iPSpine project which aims to design a novel therapy for chronic lower back pain related to disc degeneration.


Key Publications

Janani, R., Mader, K., Roberts, A.J., Farmilo, N., & Sammon, C. (2018). Fast-cure ionogel electrolytes with improved ion transport kinetics at room temperature. Journal of Power Sources, 406, 141-150.

Janani, R. (2019). Synthesis and characterisation of sol-gel based ionogels as electrolyte forsupercapacitors. (Doctoral thesis). Supervised by Farmilo, N.

Deng, W., Backhouse, D.J., Kabir, F., Janani, R., Bigharaz, M., Wardlow, A., ... Bingham, P. (2019). An ancient technology could help deliver decarbonisation. Glass International, 42 (7), 47-49.

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