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Terms and conditions and student regulations

Your contract with the University for your course of study is subject to the University's Terms and Conditions and student Regulations, full details of which are set out below.

Terms and Conditions

All students are subject to the University's Terms and Conditions from the date they accept an offer to study here.

Download the terms and conditions (PDF)
Download the terms and conditions (DOC) 

Key Terms Summary

This is a summary of how the key terms in the University's Terms and Conditions will affect you.

Download the key terms summary (PDF)


The University's Terms and Conditions are supplemented by regulations covering admissions; assessment; conduct; discipline; fitness to practise; fees; information technology; intellectual property; complaints and appeals; and personal information, all of which students must also abide by. These are set out in the following

Regulations applicable to all undergraduate students and postgraduate taught students
Application Misconduct Procedure
Appeals and Complaints Procedure for Applicants (PDF)

Assessment Regulations 2017/18 (PDF)
Assessment Regulations 2016/17 for Dual Awards between Sheffield Hallam University and Tunku Abdul Rahman University College (PDF)

Conduct and Discipline
Disciplinary Regulations for Students (PDF)
Academic Misconduct Policy 2016/17 (PDF)
Academic Conduct Regulation 2017/18 (PDF)

Fitness to Practise

Student Fitness to Practise Regulations (PDF)

Fitness to Study
Student Fitness to Study Regulations (PDF)

Student Fees Regulations 2016/17 (PDF)
Student Fees Regulations 2017/18 (PDF)

Information Technology
Regulations for the Use of IT Facilities and Learning Resources (PDF)

Intellectual Property
Student Intellectual Property Regulations (PDF)

Complaints and Appeals
Student Complaints Policy and Procedure (PDF)
Appeals Policy and Procedure (PDF)

Personal Information
Student Personal Data Code (PDF)
Regulations applicable to all postgraduate research students
PhD and MPhil Regulations (PDF)
PhD by Publication Regulations (PDF)
Higher Doctorate Regulations (PDF)
LLM by Research Regulations (PDF)
MA English by Research Regulations (PDF)
Doctorate in Business Administration International Regulations with Business School Netherlands (PDF)
Doctorate in Business Administration Regulations (PDF)
Doctorate in Business Administration Regulations with Munich Business School (PDF)
Doctorate in Education Regulations (PDF)
Doctorate in International Criminal Justice Regulations (PDF)
Doctorate in Professional Studies Regulations (PDF)

Conduct and Discipline
The Principles of Integrity in Research and Procedures for Dealing with Allegations of Research Misconduct (PDF)
Policy and Procedures for dealing with allegations of Research Misconduct against Research Students (PDF)

Complaints and Appeals
Appeals Policy and Procedure (PDF)

View a summary of the key changes to student regulations and policies for 2017/18.

Policies, Codes and Guidance

Additional documents, including other policies, codes and guidance, provide information on how the Regulations are implemented and are available on shuspace, the University's interactive learning platform for students. These do not form part of the University's contractual relationship with its students, but students would be expected to abide by them, as would the University.

View information on policies, codes and guidance.

Statutory Cancellation Form

In certain circumstances you may have a statutory right to cancel your contract with the University. View full details (DOCX). Please note that in most cases the University provides a longer period during which you can withdraw, as set out in the Terms and Conditions.

What You Need To Know – 2016/17 and 2017/18 Entrants

The following documents are an overview of key information about Sheffield Hallam University, our courses and fees for full-time UK and EU undergraduate applicants who would start at the University in the 2016/17 academic year, and for full-time UK, EU and international undergraduate applicants who would start at the University in the 2017/18 academic year. The relevant document will form part of your contract with the University if you choose to study with us.

Download the Contractual Statements for Full-Time Undergraduate UK and EU applicants starting in 2016/17 (PDF).

Download the Contractual Statements for Full-time Undergraduate UK, EU and International applicants starting 2017/18 (PDF).

Please note the University will only admit students who are aged 18 at the point of enrolment.

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