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Changes to our courses

We’re working in consultation with our students on an exciting programme of changes for all taught courses. 

These changes are designed to improve your learning experience, support your progression on the course and set you up for success. Our aim is to provide a more consistent studying timetable and clear assessment methods across all levels of learning.

These improvements may result in some changes to the curriculum as it is published on our online prospectus or in your course summary information.

The changes may include differences to (among others):

  • The number of credits we allocate to our modules 
  • The number and type of exams and assessments within your course
  • The way your choice of specialist subjects is presented including the range of optional modules we offer 
  • Moving courses onto a semester or trimester structure

As we work through the changes for each course, we will put the most up-to-date information on our online prospectus. If you have an offer to study with us or have already enrolled, we will write to you to let you know about any changes we are making to your course.

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