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Industry and Innovation Research Institute

Industry and Innovation Research Institute

The Industry and Innovation Research Institute (I2Ri) draws on talents, expertise and facilities across the university. The vision is to be the leading provider of applied research excellence delivering materials, computing, science and engineering innovations meeting the development needs of industry. 

We provide solutions to key global challenges, including

  • secure and sustainable energy supply and management
  • smart, digital and low carbon technologies driving clean growth
  • security of individuals, institutions and international communities and their environments
  • technologies supporting an ageing society

Research centres

Materials Engineering Research Institute

Materials and Engineering Research Institute

Using science and engineering our innovations help solve industrial problems

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National Centre of Excellence for Food Engineering

National Centre of Excellence for Food Engineering

Our expertise on tackling food industry challenges and creating a knowledgeable workforce

Biomolecular Sciences Research Centre

Biomolecular Sciences Research Centre

Advancing understanding of biological and chemical processes and systems particularly in health and disease


Centre of Excellence in Terrorism, Resilience, Intelligence and Organised Crime Research

An international centre leading applied research in the security domain

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Academic departments

Funding partners

Featured projects and activity

National HIPIMS Technology Centre logo


A world-leading centre for plasma technology, materials synthesis and their industrial applications

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Accelerated weathering testing

Accelerated weathering testing

Testing the durability of materials for Artic Russia

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Baked cheese products

Reducing salt and fat content of baked cheese products

Developing micro-formulation technology to manufacture healthier cheese products

Man with lower back pain

The iPSpine project

A revolutionary research project aiming to regenerate damaged spinal discs and cure back pain

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Computer keyboard

Developing a game to help catch cybercriminals

Helping cryptocurrency investigators track down criminals

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Stir welding

Developing coatings for friction stir welding

Investigating the potential to increase performance using advanced coatings

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Rice on a wooden spoon

Optimising the rice milling process and reducing waste

Lowering the energy process to minimise broken rice and waste

Research students researching disposal of nuclear waste

Students driving improvements in nuclear waste disposal

Disposing nuclear waste by turning it into glass

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Glass samples made with biomass power plant ash

Developing sustainable methods of glass manufacturing

Decarbonising the glass manufacturing process

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Andrew Alderson

Andrew Alderson

Institute director

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Jane Wright 28562

Jane Wright

Institute manager

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